Question: Is Barbara Carrera, who played Fatima Blush in Never Say Never Again, related to Asia Carrera? — Jim

Flickchick: Adult film actress Asia Carrera, whose heritage is Japanese and German, is related neither to Nicaraguan model-turned-actress Barbara Carrera nor Hawaiian-born singer and actress Tia Carrere, who is of Chinese/Spanish/Filipino extraction and is sometimes credited as Tia Carrerea. But there is a connection. Asia Carrera, whose real name is Jessica Steinhauser, told Giant Robot magazine that "When I was a stripper in New Jersey, everyone always told me I looked like Tia Carrere. I spelled the name differently to prevent a lawsuit." Tia Carrere's real name is Althea Janairo: "Tia" is a childhood nickname, and she reportedly took her last name from Barbara.