Zachary Quinto by Avik Gilboa/
Trekkies know that Captain Kirk and a certain dry Vulcan named Spock became unlikely best friends throughout the original Star Trek franchise. But, how did they become one of TV's best odd couples? J.J. Abrams discussed the relationship at a Television Critics Association panel, saying, "We never saw how Kirk and Spock became so connected, and this movie [reveals that]." Did all of your (pointy) ears just perk up?

So, since the very important beginning of the Spock/Kirk friendship is featured in the movie, how does J.J. feel about relative newcomer Zachary Quinto's performance? Apparently, Quinto hit it out of the park. Abrams revealed that "Zachary is extraordinary," and that he brought "gravity and an enormous sense of humor [to the role]." That's a tricky task, for a tricky and complicated character.

Are you excited to see more about the new Star Trek movie? Do you think Quinto can fill Nimoy's Spock shoes? - Erin Fox

" A Conversation with Two Spocks
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