Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron by Bob D'Amico/Disney Channel
MySpace and High School Musical are all in this together.

The social networking site has teamed up with Walt Disney Studios for a new integrated campaign to promote the highly anticipated big-screen arrival of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

In MySpace's largest campaign to date, the site will host a two-month long contest, in which fans are instructed to show the most school spirit by completing a myriad of tasks, including uploading photos, filming and uploading videos, changing profile skins and creating communities.

The multi-platform push will also encourage fans to text in votes for their school.

"It speaks to our ability to create highly creative and progressive campaigns," Angela Courtin, MySpace's senior vice president of marketing, entertainment and content, told "It goes from being a simple sweepstakes to actually engaging the user to build a community in their own high school, doing these tasks to get points."

The school that accumulates the highest point total by Nov. 3 and is deemed to have embodied the most spirit will win a senior class trip to a Disney theme park and a celebrity pep rally featuring Natasha Bedingfield and "members" of the HSM3 cast. Cross your fingers for Zac Efron!

HSM3 opens Oct. 24. - Joyce Eng