Miley Cyrus by Craig Sjodin/DisneyChannel
Miley Cyrus has been tapped by Disney to star in a yet-to-be-titled vehicle that will be tailor-made for her by author Nicholas Sparks.

Knowing Sparks' work, including the massive hit and tearjerker, A Walk to Remember (that starred another pop princess, Mandy Moore), Miley may have to work on her crying skills.

Sparks will be working on the novel and the screenplay for the Cyrus flick at the same time, and tells Variety, "This is similar to the way it's gone with movies based on my novels; it's just out of order." He added, "Certain opportunities garner your interest, and this was one of those."

Miley's camp, including her mom, Leticia, who will produce the film, told Sparks they were "very familiar with the work I've done in the past. That played a role in this project coming together."

Are you going to look forward to a three-hanky movie starring Miley? What should her tragic ailment be in this movie? - Erin Fox

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