Question: I'm looking for a movie I loved as a kid in which a family lives at the North Pole and is involved with drilling for oil. They find that they're right next to Santa's workshop and that the drilling is killing the North Pole; there may be no more Santa or elves if they can't stop the destruction. It isn’t animated and was always aired on one of the networks 10 or so years ago, but the movie itself might be older.

Answer: That sounds like the made-for-TV movie The Night They Saved Christmas (1984), directed by Jackie Cooper, in which professional oil rigger Paul Le Mat is warned by someone who claims to be Santa’s head elf (Paul Williams) that if he doesn't stop dynamiting the ice fields, the world can kiss Christmas goodbye. The only person who believes the elf's story is one of Le Mat's children. Former Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith plays Le Mat's wife and Art Carney is Santa. It's available used on video from a company called Cabin Fever.