Question: Help me, FlickChick — what's the name of this movie? What I think I remember is from the trailer: Four guys from a small Texas town graduate and want to get out of their aforementioned dead-end burg. The old guys in town (probably sitting in front of the barbershop) are laughing and setting odds against them. At the time the lead actors were up-and-coming, but by now they could be stars or orthodontists.

Answer: That sounds to me like the awkwardly named Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (1998). Of the four up-and-comers — Ethan Embry, now 27; Breckin Meyer, 31; Peter Facinelli, 32; and Eddie Mills, 33 — the first three are working regularly on TV and in movies. Mills has done a little less well, but he's appeared on a bunch of television shows and to the best of my knowledge is not yet looking into dental school.