Amy Smart and Jason Statham in Crank courtesy Lionsgate Films
We couldn't believe it either: The cast of Crank is gearing up for a reprise of their action-packed film frenzy with Crank 2.

In the sequel to the story of a hit man with a the minutes ticking down on his life, Jason Statham's back as Chev Chelios, with Amy Smart joining him again as his girlfriend and Clifton Collins Jr. as the bad guy. Dwight Yoakam and Efren Ramirez are also back, says Variety, and Bai Ling has signed on, too.

In the second Crank movie, Chev goes after an evil mobster who's stolen his tough-as-nails heart and swapped in one that needs electricity jolts to keep beating - clearly, an inferior model that deserves a movie's worth of chases and cliff-hangers. While the first Crank was quite enough for many critics (such as TV Guide's Ken Fox, who reviewed it here), it did a respectable $42 million in worldwide ticket sales - tempting enough, it seems, for a second round.

Will Crank 2 tempt you? - Anna Dimond