Get Smart courtesy Tracy Bennett/Warner Bros. Pictures
Steve Carell's Get Smart topped the weekend box office with a $39.2 million opening, well exceeding its hoped-for haul. Meanwhile, Mike Myers' The Love Guru - which was derided by at least one critic as "one of the worst films of the year" - fell way, way ("Way!") shy of projections, placing No. 4 with a mere $14 mil.

Rounding out the weekend's top five were Kung Fu Panda ($21.7 mil), which I'm quite literally just about to watch with my sons at the Cape Cod Cinema; The Incredible Hulk ($21.6 mil, now just a few mil shy of the original Hulk's overall take) and The Happening ($10 mil).

What's your take on Get Smart and/or Love Guru? Share in comments! - Matt Mitovich

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