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Question: I have a question about a horror movie I saw during the early 1990s that I think was geared to kids or family audiences.

A family moves into a haunted house, and I think they find some magic spell book. At the end, they vacuum up a boogeyman. I've been trying to track it down and keep coming across Saturday the 14th, but I don't think that's it and can't get a copy movie to check. Thanks for helping me out -- Evan

FlickChick: I'm pretty sure you're looking for Mr. Boogedy, a Disney Channel movie first broadcast in 1986. Novelty-shop entrepreneur Carlton Davis transplants his wife and three kids ( Married With Children's David Faustino, Benji Gregory and original Buffy Kristy Swanson) to a small New England town -- portentously named Lucifer Falls -- where he'll be running "the only Gag City franchise for hundreds of miles" and can afford to install his family in their first house.

The kids aren't thrilled about the move, so when they start complaining about spooky sights and sounds he assumes they're just acting out. When he begins experiencing weird things, Carlton figures they're using the tricks of his trade against him -- clever!

Here's a sample of Boogedy antics:

But the house really is haunted by Mr. Boogedy, the unquiet ghost of a man who lived there centuries earlier; his signature scare phrase is "boogedy boogedy boo!" and they eventually "exorcise" him with a vacuum cleaner.

As you remember, Mr. Boogedy was geared for a family audience: The scares are gentle but apparently quite memorable. I've never seen it -- I had way aged out of the Disney demographic by the '80s -- but many of my readers remember it vividly. It was popular enough to spawn a sequel, Bride of Boogedy (1987), the following year.

Mr. Boogedy and Bride of Boogedy were both released on Walt Disney Home Video, but are long out of print -- used copies occasionally turn up for sale online. Neither has ever been commercially available on DVD, and given that there are clearly plenty of people who'd be delighted to buy it -- you have to figure there are hundreds of fans for every one who writes to me -- I couldn't begin to tell you why. No-one I've ever spoken to at Disney can give me an answer.

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Question: I've been trying to track down the title of what I believe was a made-for-TV movie about werewolves.

Here's what I remember: The lead was a Barbara Stanwyck type and in one of the final scenes, the werewolf is chasing her through a big house; she closes expandable louvered doors as she leaves each room. I know it's not much to go on, but I'd appreciate your insight as to the title. -- Tim

FlickChick: This is more an educated guess than an insight, but here goes: I think you may be looking for Moon of the Wolf (1972), a made-for-TV werewolf tale based on the novel by Leslie H. Whitten and set in Marsh Island, Louisiana. It starred David Janssen (of The Fugitive fame) as the local sheriff and Barbara Rush (if not what I'd called a Barbara Stanwyck type per se, certainly an old-Hollywood veteran) as Louise Rodanthe, one of two descendents of the wealthy family who own half the town. She's just returned, somewhat mysteriously, from a stint in big bad New York City and moved back into the family mansion with her brother.

I saw Moon of the Wolf when it first aired and haven't seen it since; my memories are pretty hazy and mostly involve the steamy, backwater bayou atmosphere and the fact that it was the first place I encountered the term loup garou -- the French term for "werewolf." But the Rodanthes live in a mansion and I can easily imagine that the film's climax involves Louise being pursued through the Rodanthe mansion.

Can anyone contribute more?

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Question: I'm hoping you can help me track down a movie I saw on TV as a child in the 1980s; it may have been made for TV, but I'm not sure. It was about a boy who encounters the ghost of a girl and the only things I remember are a creepy scene where he sees a little glow in the barn's attic window and the climax, which takes place in a mausoleum.

The song "Frere Jacques" was played throughout the movie, I think sung by the little girl ghost(creepy!!). I loved this movie as a child and would love to see it again. Do you have any idea what it might be? -- Susan

FlickChick: I do: Child of Glass (1978). Coincidentally it, like Mr. Boogedy, was a Disney TV production.

The Armsworth family moves into a Louisiana mansion (another coincidence -- bayou creepiness a la Moon of the Wolf) and young Alex (future Knots Landing regular Steve Shaw) begins seeing the ghost of a young creole girl named Inez (Olivia Barash), who sings " Frere Jacques" and is looking for her "child of glass."

Here's a Child of Glass clip featuring Inez singing " Frere Jacques:"

Alex and local girl Blossom Culp discover that Inez was murdered by pirates and cursed to remain trapped at the place of her death; Alex and Blossom race to figure out how to free her spirit, which involves, among other things, finding the child of glass -- Inez's beloved doll.

Based on young-adult novel The Ghost Belonged to Me -- first in a series featuring Blossom Culp -- by Newbery Medal-winner Richard Peck, Child of Glass made a lasting impression on a generation of Disney-raised kids. Like the Boogedy movies, it came out on VHS from Walt Disney Home Video and is out of print (it was issued in 1987!), but has never been on DVD.

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Question: I watched a movie a couple of weeks ago and can't remember the title or figure out what channel I saw it on.

It was about a supermodel who meets a taxi driver and ends up having an affair with him. That's the best I can do -- I don't even remember the names of the actors. Can you help me? Thank you for your time -- Rick

FlickChick: That sounds to me like Fall (1997), written, directed by and starring Eric Schaeffer -- he played the cab driver, Michael. Supermodel Sarah is UK-born Amanda De Cadenet, best known for marrying Duran Duran bass player John Taylor and hanging around with Courtney Love.

The complication is that Sarah is already married to hunky fellow model Phillipe (Rudolf Martin, probably best know for playing Dracula on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who's in Madrid for a couple of months. Will Sarah choose the schlubby but soulful cabbie or her smoking-hot hubbie?

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