Alien 3, Chloe Webb and the web what's the truth behind the online rumor that she "participates" in the making of this movie?

Question: I've seen several references online to actress Chloe Webb (China Beach, Sid and Nancy) and the movie Alien 3; some say she "participated" in the movie, others have cast lists that include her name but no character name. But she isn't credited on either the theatrical version of the movie or the assembly cut released as part of the Alien Quadrilogy, and I don't see her in the movie either.

So is this an internet-wide mistake (there was an actor named Daniel Webb in the movie, maybe that's where the confusion arises?) or was Chloe Webb really involved with the making of Alien 3, and if so, how exactly did she "participate?" -- Pete H.

FlickChick: This is an interesting question, in part because of the larger issue it raises. The glory of the web is that it's a one-stop shop for information about all things everything -- information that might otherwise be buried in libraries or archives or in the heads of specialists, expert and amateur alike, is free and just a mouse click away.

But there's just as much misinformation floating around and many users -- and I don't mean you, because you're questioning -- assign equal value to everything they read online. And misinformation metastasizes one reference on one site can get picked up by hundreds of others, and all those citations make some people think it must be true.

I'm willing to bet that a dedicated researcher with lots of time on his/her hands could source every Chloe Webb/ Alien 3 reference to one place.

Which leads to the answer to your question. I put in a call to Webb's management and they went to source: Chloe Webb says that she did not participate in the making of Alien 3 in any way. Who knows how the rumor got started? But it's not true.

Question: I'm trying to remember the name of a film that's maybe five years old. I'm pretty sure it was a romantic comedy in which the main character has a friend who's looking for perfection in a woman, but meanwhile he himself has a small tail. Any ideas? Dave

FlickChick: The Bobby and Peter Farrelly comedy Shallow Hal (2001), about two less-than-perfect men Jack Black and Jason Alexander who only want to date physically flawless women. Alexander's character, Mauricio, is the one with the tail.

Question: I need help with movie quote, please! The quote is "Nobody calls me chicken," and I know I've heard it before. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -- Jennifer

FlickChick: My money is on Back to the Future Part II (1989), in which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) says to Needles (the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea), who's proposing a shady financial deal, "Nobody calls me chicken, Needles nobody."

I'm sure there are variations on the theme that predate this citation, but I'm willing to bet that this is where you and a lot of other people first heard it.

Question: I'm 37 and a horror movie as a child that's still on my mind. It was probabky between 1974 and 1978, around the same time Suspiria was out.

All I really remember was that the killer put each victim's eyes in a glass of water, and at the end of the movie there was a dead woman lying in a bed in a basement and her eye sockets were filled with maggots. It might have even been one of those European horror flicks. Can you help me out? Thanks! Al

I'm thinking that you saw Umberto Lenzi's giallo Gatti Rossi in un Labirinto di Vetro, which was made in 1975 and released in the US as Eyeball. Suspiria opened here in 1977, and it took three years for Eyeball to get US distribution, which brings us to 1978.

Ironically, I saw Eyeball in a theater and don't remember a thing about it except a bunch of tourists in Barcelona getting picked off by a psycho who kills women and keeps one an eye from each victim. But the eye connection sounds good and God knows, Italian genre filmmakers never missed an opportunity to work a maggoty corpse into the mix.

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