Missing In Action 2--The Beginning

1985, Movie, R, 96 mins


This prequel to the phenomenally successful MISSING IN ACTION (1984) tells the story of Braddock's (Chuck Norris) original confinement by the North Vietnamese and his ultimate escape. While supervising the helicopter evacuation of a reconnaissance team deep behind Communist lines, Braddock is shot down in his chopper and captured along with a number of his elite team. Ten years later the war is long over, but the men are still being held by the sadistic Colonel Yin (Soon-Teck Oh), whose driving motivation in all the atrocities he commits is to force Braddock to sign a confession of war crimes. On the side, Yin is involved with French drug smuggler (Pierre Issot) and forces his prisoners to grow and process opium. Any prisoner who tries to escape is shot or impaled on booby traps in the jungle. After suffering many horrors, Braddock escapes--but he doesn't run, systematically arming himself and preparing to go back to do battle. Though certainly not a profound statement about America's involvement in Southeast Asia, MISSING IN ACTION 2 is, nevertheless, an adequate action film, more akin to CAMP ON BLOOD ISLAND than to APOCALYPSE NOW or even THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI. Norris, acceptably rugged and intransigent, makes a serviceable hero, but Soon-Teck Oh's insane but clever commander steals the show. Shot on location on St. Kitt's in the Caribbean at the same time as the original installment, MISSING IN ACTION 2 joined its predecessor in mopping up at the box office. leave a comment

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Missing In Action 2--The Beginning
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