Maria Full Of Grace

2004, Movie, R, 101 mins


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Ask FlickChick A scary TV-movie memory and more movie questions answeredQuestion Years ago when I was very young I remember watching a movie on television that featured a boy who took up residence in a hollowed-out redwood tree All I can remember is how neat I thought that was and Ive always wanted to watch that movie again but have no idea what the title is Could you help jshrewsberry FlickChick It sounds to me as though youre remembering The Enchanted Forest 1945 in which elderly nature-loving recluse John Harry Davenport who lives in a hollow redwood tree finds a baby thats survived a train crash and brings him up in the forest Apparently this film used to be on television all the time but has now dropped out of circulation It has a significant cult following made up both of people who loved it as a child John the hermit can talk to the woodland animals which is the kind of thing I certainly loved when I was kid and of those who appr read more

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Maria Full Of Grace
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