Live Free Or Die Hard

2007, Movie, PG-13, 130 mins


Nikita's Maggie Q Joins Kevin Williamson's CBS Stalker Drama Pilot

Maggie Q

Maggie Q might not be off network TV for long.

The Nikita alum has been tapped to star opposite Dylan McDermott in Kevin Williamson's CBS stalker drama pilot, has learned.

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In Focus: Nikita Star Maggie Q Embraces Her Inner Femme Fatale

Nikita, Maggie Q

Among Maggie Q's three tattoos is a large, ornately drawn Phoenix rising. It covers most of her left hip, and stands on proud, leggy display in the advertisments for Nikita, The CW's high-octane continuation of the 1990 French thriller-turned-basic cable series about a beautiful assassin in the employ of a sinister organization.

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More Studios Support Digital Copy: PCs, iPods/Macs, even PSPs!

Family Guy Digital Copy courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment

A few months ago we took a hands-on look at Digital Copy with Family Guy - Blue Harvest. The show's Star Wars parody came to DVD with an extra disc containing a digital file version of the feature which easily copied to a Video iPod, a PC, or a PC-file compatible device (like an Archos media player). It's a handy way to get a "portable" copy of the DVD you've bought, so you don't have to buy it all over again via download to the hard drive of your laptop or a portable video device. But what else is on the way for Digital Copy?· Fox has the biggest support for on-disc Digital Copy so far, but Family Guy was actually their second. Last November's 2-DVD version of Live Free or Die Hard was first. The Blu-ray version didn't have it, though, and it didn't support iPod copies yet either (leaving iPod users AND Macintosh users out in the cold). But this would quickly and easily transfer a nice-looking copy of the film's unrated cut to a PC or compatible device.· Fox then expa... read more

Twentieth Century Fox & Apple Introduce iTunes Digital Copy

Family Guy image provided by 20th Century Fox

Fox and Apple announced Digital Copy for iTunes at MacWorld, which includes a digital version on the DVD, and allows you to watch the movie on an iPod, iPhone, the computer, and an AppleTV. The first title to use the iTunes Digital Copy is Family Guy: Blue Harvest; Fox used Digital Copy for their release of Live Free or Die Hard, and Warner Bros used it for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but they weren't files created for playback within iTunes.iTunes Digital Copy allows consumers to transfer a DVD purchase to iTunes by entering a unique code into iTunes which then automatically copies the movie to their iTunes library. The digital copy of the DVD has the same viewing options as other iTunes content, and each DVD will only transfer its iTunes Digital Copy to one iTunes library.Fox has plans to use iTunes Digital Copy for other upcoming titles, including Hitman, which will be released in April.Are you more likely to purchase a title that includes a digital copy of the fil... read more

Box Office: Pixar Rat Bests John McClane

Ratatouille courtesy Pixar/Disney

Ratatouille topped the weekend box office with a $47.2 million debut, yet fell shy of the $50-65 million opening that experts had estimated. What's more, it was Pixar's smallest bow since 1998's A Bug's Life, and is on pace to be the studio's third straight project to underperform its predecessor.Coming in second was Bruce Willis and the Mac guy's Live Free or Die Hard, which took in $33.2 mil for the weekend (and $48.2 mil dating back to its Wednesday debut). Rounding out the top five were Evan Almighty ($15.1 mil), 1408 ($10.6 mil) and Fantastic Four 2 ($9 mil).Michael Moore's Sicko opened at No. 9 (with $4.5 mil) while the estrogen-tastic Evening bowed in the 10 spot with $3.5 mil. read more

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