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Liam Neeson to Appear on The Big C

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson will guest-star on Showtime's upcoming series The Big C, the network announced Monday.

The actor will play a character named "Bee Man," who Cathy (Laura Linney) sees about alternative cancer treatments. Neeson joins Cynthia Nixon, Idris Elba and My Boys' Reid Scott as guest stars in the first season.

Cynthia Nixon to take on The Big C with four-episode arc

The Big C follows Cathy, a schoolteacher and suburban mother who tries ...
read more

The Office Revisits a "Health" Scare

Rainn Wilson, The Office

I'd like to start this week's blog by publicly thanking my husband for letting me hijack his laptop for the past few weeks while I've been on the road. Thanks to him, I've typed many of my recent blogs from planes, hotel rooms and coffee shops. I'm currently en route from Montreal to our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, where I'm meeting him for a special advanced screening of his new horror movie, Slither (which, if I can do a little wifely bragging, just received an amazing review in Variety). Tonight NBC is reairing my favorite episode from Season 1 — "Health Care" — written by the uber-talented Paul Lieberstein. I've watched this episode more times than any other episode we've made, and I still love seeing it. This week, Michael has to cut employee health benefits. Because he knows this will make him unpopular he makes Dwight do it. Dwight goes way overboard. He surveys people about their private health problems and the read more

The Office "Kids" Around

The Office's John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer

This week's episode of The Office [Thursdays at 9:30 pm/ET on NBC] is called "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," and it is written by the hot and talented Mindy Kaling (who also plays Kelly on the show). Every few weeks we have a scene that knocks me on the floor laughing while we shoot, and this was one of those weeks. I haven't seen the final product so I'm not sure what made it in and what didn't. And who knows if the comedy translated on screen or if it was just one of those days where we were slaphappy and giggling at everything. But this was a fun episode to shoot. In this episode the Dunder-Mifflin employees bring their daughters to work for the day. Stanley brings his hot teenage daughter who starts crushin' on R read more

The Office Presents: "Boys and Girls"

Pam's fiancé spends some QT with Jim.

When we have downtime on The Office [Thursdays at 9:30 pm/ET on NBC], we do more than just sit and watch the boys play video-game football. Angela [Kinsey, Angela] and I like our girl time, too. We like to scrapbook and look at fashion magazines. Or sometimes we have "picnics" where we gather food and drinks from the snack table, go into Angela's trailer, light candles, and gossip. It was during one of our "picnics" that Angela and I had the idea for tonight's episode, "Boys and Girls." We took our brainchild to Greg Daniels, the executive producer of the show. "What if Jan came into the office and did a 'Women in the Workplace' seminar, and Michael read more

The Office Blog Is Back, and It's Pam-tastic!

Jenna Fischer, The Office

Let me start by saying that I am thrilled to be taking over this blog for B.J. Novak. If you read B.J.'s blogs, you might be disappointed when you read mine. B.J. is a professional comedy writer and I am not. B.J. is a handsome, single male who is very plugged in to what is cool-hip-interesting about life. I am a married female who likes to shop at Target and play with my dog. But I will try to give you good behind-the-scenes information and trivia to make up for it. In this week's episode of The Office [airing 9:30 pm/ET on NBC], "The Injury," written by Mindy Kaling [who plays Kelly], Michael burns his foot on his George Foreman Grill. ( read more

Laura Linney's Film Phobia

You'd think an actress who's appeared in nine movies over the past four years would be used to seeing herself on the big screen. But Laura Linney admits she still has difficulty watching any film she appears in. "I've gotten better at it over time," confesses the Oscar-nominated actress. "I'll watch a movie once or sometimes twice if I can bear it. The thing is, you're dying to see the movie to see what everyone else has done and then this thing shows up that's you, and you want to throw yourself off a bridge. "It's a very unnatural thing to watch yourself on screen," she continues. "You check yourself out in the mirror, but you don't watch yourself in action for two hours at a time. To hear your voice outside of your own head is very [strange]. Thankfully, I'm better at it, but there are still a million things I would rather do than watch myself." In the just-released Kinsey, Linney plays Clara, the little-known wife of controve read more

Liam Neeson: He's a Sexpert!

Few established movie stars would be willing to take on a project like Kinsey, the sure-to-be-controversial biopic about groundbreaking sex scientist Dr. Alfred Kinsey. Yet Liam Neeson didn't hesitate to sign on the dotted line when writer/director Bill Condon approached him to play the title role. In fact, Neeson had been waiting to work with Condon since seeing his critically acclaimed feature Gods and Monsters at the Deauville Film Festival in 1998. "I was on the festival jury and I championed that film," Neeson remembers. "I had never seen anything like it before. What Bill achieved with the subject matter was incredibly fascinating, and it launched Ian McKellen as a genuine screen actor. I became a big fan of Bill's from that point on and when he got in touch with me about this project, it was kind of a win-win situation, especially when I found out he was interested in me." Like 2004's other big biopic, Ray, Kinse read more

Whoa! Shattered Star Goes Full Frontal

Since first gaining attention for his powerful — and frightening — turn as a murderous bigot in Boys Don't Cry, Peter Sarsgaard has repeatedly proven he's unafraid of challenging roles. A computer genius who spends three days exploring the boundaries of sexual desire with a Vegas lap dancer? Check. He did that in The Center of the World, back in 2001. A quiet magazine editor who discovers his top writer is a fraudulent hack? See his critically acclaimed turn in last year's Shattered Glass. Next up, in Kinsey (opening Friday), Sarsgaard ventures where few young actors dare to tread: the full-frontal nude scene. Asked if he was nervous about doing the full monty, the 33-year-old actor just smiles serenely. "It didn't feel like anything," he says. "I mean, if I always thought about the people on the other end of the camera — as if it were like a tube going to audiences all over the world — then I would read more

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