Jersey Girl

2004, Movie, PG-13, 113 mins


Kevin Smith Dishes Bennifer

With movies like Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma in his filmography, no one ever accused Kevin Smith of being warm and fuzzy. But with the release of Jersey Girl, the sardonic director showed he does have a soft and romantic side. With Girl arriving on DVD Sept. 14, Smith sat down with TV Guide Online to riff about his critics, Bennifer and that buzz surrounding The Green Hornet. TV Guide Online: Jersey Girl is a different kind of picture for you.Kevin Smith: I'd recently become a father when I started writing it, and I was kind of obsessed with that subject matter. The stuff I'd done before this was kind of profane and cynical, but underneath, there's this sweetness. The movie caught people in weird ways. I got great reviews from critics who never like my movies and horrible reviews from those who thought I was "selling out." TVGO: So are you going back to profane and cynical?Smith: Oh yeah. This read more

Meet J.Lo's ''Daughter''

While most 9-year-olds just watch movies and TV shows, pint-sized Long Islander Raquel Castro works in them. After smaller gigs in Sesame Street and Third Watch, she got her big break playing the offspring of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Jersey Girl (opening Friday). Thanks to her Bennifer connection, the energetic kid has begun fantasizing about life as a celebrity. "I'm hoping that, after this movie, people will realize who I am," she giddily says, "because I like signing autographs. I want to be able to go to the mall and McDonald's and everything, but I want to sign autographs because it read more

Silent Bob Speaks Out!

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is no stranger to religious scandal. His 1999 film Dogma — featuring two fallen angels and a happy-go-lucky Jesus — had the entire Catholic League up in arms. But unlike Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, which spun a little controversy into record-breaking box-office returns, Dogma barely caused a blip — and Smith has a theory why. "I wish we put a bloody Christ in our movie instead of the Buddy Christ," he jokes to TV Guide Online. "We would have cleaned up, [too]. Who knew? "We had death threats and 300,000 pieces of hate mail," Smith continues, "and Bill Donahue on the news every night heading up the Catholic League, rallying against our movie and calling for Disney to drop it — essentially, pitting Mickey Mouse against Jesus Christ." (In the end, Disney-owned Miramax caved and Lion's Gate released the film.) Smith fears controversy will also hurt his lat read more

Liv and Ben Reunited!

Off-screen, Lord of the Rings' elfin enchantress, Liv Tyler, is deliriously happy with her hubby of nearly a year, Spacehog front man Royston Langdon. But in her reel life, her heart belongs to Armageddon leading man Ben Affleck, whom she reunites with in Kevin Smith's romantic comedy Jersey Girl (opening March 26).

"Out of all the actors I've ever worked with, I feel particularly comfortable with Ben," Tyler tells TV Guide Online. "We have some sort of special chemistry. I don't even know what chemistry means or where it comes from, but it feels very natural for us to be back together."

Affleck sums up their professional relationship in a slightly different way: "I was talking to Liv and she was like, 'It's weird, but I think we do have good chemistry together'," he recalls. "I think what she wanted to say was that it's weird to have good chemistry with someone that you are not read more

Ben Affleck Slams Media

Life in the spotlight isn't easy for Ben Affleck, who vents his frustration with the press in Jersey Girl (opening March 26). He plays a music-industry publicity flack frustrated by balancing fatherhood with work who breaks down during a press conference, telling off a room full of music reporters. Firing back at the press felt cathartic for the 31-year-old Oscar winner, whose breakup with J.Lo has sold lots of tabloid rags this year. "It wasn't too tough to film," Affleck laughs. "When we were shooting, it was at the pinnacle — actually [what] I thought was the pinnacle — of the madness. I felt like I had the inside track on the character. "For the most part, in my experience, people in the press happen to be bright, interesting, smart, thoughtful, professional people with standards," he adds diplomatically. "It is a few-bad-apples th read more

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