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Which of Your Favorite Shows Have Jumped the Shark?


The TV season is in full swing, and new shows like Hawaii Five-0 and Nikita have really connected with audiences. But have any of your favorite returning shows Jumped the Shark?

Maybe Glee's relentless, preachy theme episodes are starting to get on your nerves? Is Modern Family feeling a little repetitive? Do House and Cuddy together gross you out? Did the Mad Men proposal catch you off guard? Do you wish that ... read more

Thanks to a Fox marketing ...

Question: Thanks to a Fox marketing push, I was able to see the premiere episodes of many Fox shows. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Justice. I was initially interested in it only because of Victor Garber, but I ended up liking the show overall. But here's my concern: Is there really room for yet another crime/law drama like this? I know people have been asking about CSI and Law & Order oversaturation for years. But can a new show that isn't part of a franchise, and that doesn't air on CBS, make it? Answer: I would be more worried about Justice's chances if shows like House and Bones hadn't caught on earlier. There is clearly an audience on Fox, no doubt primed by the breakthrough success of 24, for more grown-up shows in the legal/crime (or in House's case, medical) arenas. The fact that Hugh Laurie is a Fox superstar is also a sign that a more mature actor (say, Victor Garber) can find a happy home on this network. There's no question there are too many crime and courtroom shows ... read more

What scoops do you have on ...

Question: What scoops do you have on the House premiere?

Answer: House asks Cam out on a date! It's true! I watched the first episode (airing Sept. 5) over the weekend and I had to rewind that particular scene to make sure I wasn't hallucinating, and, well, I wasn't. He definitely offers to take her out for dinner and drinks. (Of course, there's a twist. There always is with those two.) Speaking of Cam, it looks like the flirty little minx sprouted bangs over the hiatus, not to mention a new, sexier wardrobe and a few extra layers of makeup. Oh, and in the opening seconds, we're going to see House do something he's never done before. Well, at least we've never seen him do it before.

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You recently mentioned that ...

Question: You recently mentioned that this season is likely The O.C.'s "last hurrah." Why do you think that is? When the show premiered, everyone was comparing it to Beverly Hills, 90210, a comparison I still think is valid. That show ran for 10 years and almost 300 episodes. If The O.C. ends this year it will be after only four years and likely not even 100 episodes. So why did it peter out so quickly? Do you think it was because of bad scheduling, or did poor story-line choices drive viewers away? Even if the show isn't the phenomenon it was when it started (and how could it be, given how overhyped and overexposed that first season was?), I still think it's successful enough that Fox's decision to cast it aside so quickly is surprising. Answer: I'm struggling with how to answer this one. A cynic would just say, "The show sucks now," and be done with it, but that's neither fair nor relevant; 90210's long run can hardly be attributed to its quality. It may be the fact that Fox and the ... read more

I just watched the Friday ...

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

Question: I just watched the Friday Night Lights pilot, and I have to say that, from the eight or nine new dramas that I've seen, it is by far the best of the bunch. I definitely feel Friday Night Lights fills most of the gap left by the late, great American Dreams. I was wondering how you think it will do in its time slot. It has some pretty formidable competition, all established shows in Fox's House, CBS' NCIS, ABC's Dancing with the Stars and CW's Gilmore Girls. I believe Friday Night Lights is definitely worthy of breaking out. NBC is on a roll this season with its new shows. Answer: Without getting into how you've seen this already (I can't keep track of what's out there for download or from Netflix), I absolutely agree that Friday Night Lights is "worthy" of breaking out. It's one of my favorite fall pilots, and I love that it's not about crime-solving or courtrooms or kidnappings. It's that rarity about real people in an authentic place and time, not nostalgic like American read more

I don't want Cameron to be ...

Question: I don't want Cameron to be with House or Chase. Bring on Cameron and Wilson! Any chance of that happening?

Answer: I think a House-Wilson pairing is more likely. Speaking of House, did you see my exclusive scoop on David Morse joining the cast? He's playing a cop who's out to get Hugh Laurie's ornery alter ego. "House is going to piss off the wrong guy, and that guy just happens to be a cop," explains exec producer Katie Jacobs. "[He's] really going to hold House accountable."

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How could Fox move House to ...

Hugh Laurie, House

Question: How could Fox move House to Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET? It is so established at 9, yet once again, Fox feels the need to alienate some more viewers. Do you think ratings will drop? The ratings for the repeats show the 9 pm airing gets considerably more viewers than the 8 pm one. Obviously Fox dooesn't have much confidence in Standoff if it feels the need to make House a lead-in. Will House go back to 9 pm once Idol starts again? Answer: Actually, House will go back to its regular time period (9 pm/ET) when it returns from the postseason baseball hiatus on Oct. 31. Fox will air House an hour earlier only for the first month of new episodes, starting Sept. 5. I wrote a Dispatch bitching about this very thing, and I agree it's an unnecessary, confusing aggravation. I doubt it will harm House that much, though. (I can't think of a bigger waste of time than looking at summer repeat ratings, but they do show that House scores better later at night because more people are inside watchin ... read more

Any news on House? Please ...

Question: Any news on House? Please tell me Cameron and Chase will finally get together…. You know, when she's not high.

Answer: Make up your minds, kids. Do you want Cameron with Chase or with House? (Sounds like the makings of a great poll!) I know which way Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) would vote. Although she was a no-show at Fox's press-tour bash last week, an adorably tongue-tied Hugh Laurie delivered — or, rather, attempted to deliver — a message on her behalf. Here's our exchange:

Laurie: I'm going to tread here very carefully because Jennifer is actually still working. She asked me to say… can I say this? Because it's going to get her into such trouble. I'm going to have to let her say it. She will get her opportunity to say it.
Ausiello: C'mon, give me a hint.
Laurie: She is keen to see a… a…. a… development of the relationship we hinted at before. Sh read more

For the love of Snapple, give ...

Question: For the love of Snapple, give me House scoop!

Answer: Finally got some good House-Cameron (Hameron?) dirt for you kids. Exec producer Katie Jacobs hints that the season premiere could mark a major turning point for the star-crossed MDs. "In the first episode," Jacobs previews, "Cuddy gives [House] Ketamine. I don't want to reveal how temporary or to what degree it works, but it does have some success. Now, Cameron has always been attracted to House — in his opinion because he's wounded. So, I think House is gonna want to know from Cameron if [her feelings are the same] if he's healthy and walking around. And what will that relationship be if he's no longer that wounded puppy?"

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I know it's still summer, but ...

Question: I know it's still summer, but have the networks announced tentative dates for their season premieres? Answer: As of now, the only network not to announce premiere dates is CBS, which will likely launch most of its new and returning shows the weeks of Sept. 17 and 24. Here's how the others shape up: The season kicks off early on Fox, with Prison Break and Vanished on Aug. 21; then the limited reality series Duets on Aug. 29; Justice and Bones on Aug. 30; House and Standoff on Sept. 5; the comedies 'Til Death and Happy Hour on Sept 7; Nanny 911 on Sept. 8; Cops and America's Most Wanted on Sept. 9; Fox's animated comedy lineup plus The War at Home on Sept. 10; and MADtv Sept. 16. (The O.C. won't return until after postseason baseball on Nov. 2.) On ABC, 20/20 officially kicks off Sept. 8; Dancing with the Stars returns Sept. 12 and 13; Wife Swap premieres Sept. 18; Grey's Anatomy and Six Degrees on Sept. 21; Ugly Betty and Men in Trees on Sept. 22; Extreme Makeover: Home read more

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