Hearts Of Fire

1987, Movie, R, 95 mins


Director Richard Marquand (EYE OF THE NEEDLE, RETURN OF THE JEDI, JAGGED EDGE) died after completing this film, and it only received a limited release before ending up on the video shelves. The film begins in Pittsburgh as an aspiring rock singer Flanagan (an obscure rocker in real life) appears with her band at a local watering hole. There she is surprised to meet Dylan, an aging rock idol now retired and living in seclusion on his chicken farm. Impressed with Flanagan's talents (musically and physically), Dylan offers her a chance to play guitar for him at a "golden oldies" concert he is to play in England. She accepts, but once in England finds Dylan's cynical disregard for his image and his music contemptible. Disillusioned, she soon insinuates herself with currently celebrated British pop star Everett. He is also impressed with Flanagan's talents and offers to produce her first album. Under Everett's tutelage Flanagan becomes a star in her own right. The jealous Dylan departs England warning Flanagan that Everett is just as jaded as he is. Shortly thereafter, Everett and Flanagan (who are now sleeping together) come to America on a concert tour. Frightened into hiding by a blind fan who attempts to kill him and then kills herself, Everett abandons the tour. Distraught, Flanagan turns to Dylan for help and he agrees to appear on stage with her. Much to everyone's surprise, Everett reappears and the three perform together for an enthusiastic crowd. In the end, Flanagan abandons both men in pursuit of her own stardom.

Although HEARTS OF FIRE was not released in the US, the soundtrack album was. Songs include "Tainted Love" (Edward C. Cobb), "Feel My Love" (Wang Chung), "In My Heart" (Bruce Woolley, Simon Darlow), "The Other Side" (Steve Jolley, Tony Swain, Steve Warwick, performed by Rupert Everett), "Proud Mary" (John C. Fogerty), "Cinnamon Girl" (Neil Young), "Hair of the Dog (That Bit You)" (Sam Bryant), "I'm in it for Love" (Andy Goldmark, Patrick Henderson), "Carry On" (John Mark, Mark Rice, Brad Hornbacher), "The Nights We Spent on Earth" (Sue Sheridan, Steve Diamond), "Hearts of Fire" (Fiona Flanagan, Beau Hill), "Let the Good Times Roll" (John Dexter, Paul Hackman, performed by Flanagan), "The Usual" (John Hiatt), "When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky," "Night After Night" (Bob Dylan), "Couple More Years" (Shel Silverstein, Dennis Locorriere, performed by Bob Dylan), "Bus Stop Blues" (James Harpham, performed by Rory McLeod), "Fear, Hate, Envy, Jealousy" (Art Neville, Cyril Neville, performed by Richie Havens), "Had a Dream About You Baby" (Bob Dylan, performed by Dylan and Fiona Flanagan). leave a comment

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Hearts Of Fire
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