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Why Fans of Lost, Cinco de Mayo, and Lindsay Lohan May Want to Check Out Machete


Uh, wow. Robert Rodriguez's Mexploitation-inspired Machete might seem, at first glance, to have a limited audience. It's about a Mexican man who kills his enemies with, yes, machetes, and is an offshoot from Grindhouse, the Rodriguez-Quentin Tarantino collaboration that did only slightly better box office than the cult classics that inspired it. But the Machete trailer Rodriguez cheekily released to coincide with Cinco de Mayo suggests his film may have something for almost everyone. To wit:

Losties: Show veterans Michelle Rodriguez and Jeff Fahey have key roles.

Arizonans: The new trailer thoughtfully opens with a ... read more

DVD Tuesday: Kill Bill and exploitation nostlagia

DVD Tuesday Kill Bill A trip down exploitation-movie memory laneI like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguezs Grindhouse 2007 But I love Tarantinos Kill Bill Both tap into fond memories of haunting the real grindhouses of New Yorks then notorious Times Square Times Square was never what it used to be There was always someone around to tell you that you should have seen it when Cue some nostalgic tale that starts it was so sleazy that Trust me back in the 1970s it was plenty sleazy and today its like the Las Vegas casino version of its bad old self But what a place to see low-budget American horror yakuza pictures spaghetti Westerns Eurotrash thrillers and sexploitation martial arts epics mondo movies and assorted weirdness all of which and more go into the Kill Bill mixThe plot is simple if digressive A professional assassin code named Black Mamba Uma Thurman is murdered on her wedding on her wedding day Except that she doesnt die After read more

Top 14 Movie Misquotes, Whose Scream Is That and More

Darth Vader courtesy 20th Century Fox

Ask FlickChick Top 14 Movie Misquotes the Scream That Will Not Die and MoreQuestion I dont want to sound like a complete geek but it bugs me when people misquote famous movie lines like Luke I am your father which just isnt what Darth Vader said I feel that if youre fan enough to quote a movie you should be fan enough to quote it right Please tell me Im not the most compulsive person ever DonFlickChick The most compulsive ever No way I basically agree If youre going to quote the quote quote the quote That said theres a pattern to a lot of common misquotations Heres the thing Screenwriters cant predict whats going to seize the public imagination when theyre writing so that kickass line is often embedded in a larger less pithy piece of dialogue1 The Empire Strikes Back 1980Misquote Luke I am your father Actual quote No I am your fatherYour b234te noire spoken during Lukes illusion-shattering confrontation with his nem read more

National Lampoon, Playboy and More Short Cuts

Comedy Central has proactively snapped up broadcast rights to three upcoming National Lampoon films: Bag Boy, Ratko: The Dictator's Son and The Legend of Awesomest Maximus Wallace Leonidas (a spoof of 300).... Kim Kardashian will grace Playboy's December cover and inside will unveil one girl and her back porch, a source tells Us.... Super Bowl MVP and former Giants QB Phil Simms will appear on As the World Turns Oct. 8.... Planet Terror, Robert Rodriguez's half of Grindhouse, arrives on DVD Oct. 16 in a two-disc, extended and unrated version. read more

Tarantino's Unadulterated Death Proof, More DVD News

Death Proof box art courtesy The Weinstein Company

A Sept. 18 release date has been set for a two-disc, unrated and extended version of Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino's half of this past spring's Grindhouse double feature. The DVD edition is nearly 30 minutes longer than the theatrical edit, and includes never-seen-in-the-U.S. footage, including Vanessa Ferlito's (criminally) excised lap dance.Also, Michael Bay's Transformers rolls out on DVD and HD DVD Oct. 16.Other release-date reminders: Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Third Season on Sept. 11; Brothers & Sisters: The Complete First Season and Ghost Whisperer: The Second Season on Sept. 18; and a completely remastered stop-motion animated The Year Without a Santa Clause on Oct. 2. read more

Interview with a Zombie: An Inside Look at the New Halloween

Rob Zombie with Tyler Mane as Michael Myers, Halloween

Michael Myers was a very, very bad boy. That point is made frightfully clear in Rob Zombie's Halloween, a new take on John Carpenter's original and seminal 1978 shrieker, hitting theaters Friday. After screening the much-anticipated flick, welcomed the chance to sit down with the edgy auteur to discuss how he gave shape to "the Shape." Halloween was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I remember coming out of the theater, in broad daylight, and looking over my shoulder the entire walk to the car.Rob Zombie: I totally understand that. I remember going to see Jaws as a kid, 1975, and afterwards we went to Denny's and I was literally in the bathroom freaked out thinking that a shark is going to crash through the w read more

Splitting up Grindhouse on DVD, The Wicker Man, and More

Rose McGowan, Kurt Russell in the "Death Proof" segment of Grindhouse courtesy Dimension Films

Send your movie questions to FlickChickSee Maitland McDonagh and Ken Fox review this weeks new flicks in Movie TalkHear Maitland on the weekly TVGuide Talk podcastQuestion What do you think of Weinstein Company releasing Death Proof and Planet Terror on separate discs a month apart Im disappointed It was great seeing the films back-to-back with trailers and advertisements Do you think there will be a bigger edition coming out a few months later as studios often like to do Do you think its a good move JasonFlickChick I love Grindhouse witness my review and frankly I think its really going to find its audience on DVD I truly believe that a big part of the reason it did so poorly in theaters is that people werent willing to commit to spending three hours in a movie seat That problem goes away when youre at home and can pause to get a drink stretch your legs use the bathroom or whatever In real grindhouses you could at least take a break during the traile read more

Pirates, He-Man Returns , Kill Bill and More

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End courtesy Walt Disney Pictures

Questions about Pirates the He-Man movie and what became of that extended DVD of Kill BillSend your movie questions to FlickChickSee Maitland McDonagh and Ken Fox review this weeks new flicks in Movie TalkQuestion Is this the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie or are they going to make a fourth -- RussellFlickChick Id say the odds are good that there will be a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film but its not a sure thing Assuming that youve seen Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End and why would you be asking otherwise you know it sets up the possibility that Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp and who knows who else will embark on a quest for the fountain of youth Involved parties have alluded vaguely to various possibilities in promotional interviews for Worlds EndProducer Jerry Bruckheimer told Australias Herald Sun that This is the end [of the current trilogy] but whether one of the characters or a couple of the characters continue on its read more

Questions About Grindhouse, Flying Pancakes and More!

Grindhouse courtesy Dimension Films

Send your movie questions to FlickChickQuestion Grindhouse did horribly at the box office it made a mere 11 million Any idea why it did so poorly when it opened to mostly positive reviews Michael PS I love you and the gang on the podcast I have recently been getting into exercising and am listening to every episode you have ever recorded very funFlickChick Thank you Michael As to Grindhouse theres a very real irony in the fact that back in the day real grindhouse movies made money despite negative reviews or more often no reviews at all in the mainstream press while Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguezs loving homage got terrific reviews and did poorly I can think of a number of explanations I suspect some people were put off by the three-hour length of Death ProofPlanet Terror plus trailers I think Rodriguez and Tarantino may have overestimated the number of moviegoers who share their enthusiasm for the down-and-dirty horrorsci-firoad-r read more

Box Office: Grindhouse Can't Slay Family Fare

The Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez double-bill Grindhouse fell short of expectations in its opening weekend, coming in at No. 4 at the box office with just $11.6 million. The well-reviewed venture's performance is believed to have been hampered by its three-hour running time (which limited the number of showings and intimidated sleep-susceptible fannies) and its "two films for the price of one" pitch, which proved unfamiliar to today's audiences.Topping the box office for a second straight week was Blades of Glory ($23 million), followed by Meet the Robinsons $17 mil) and Are We Done Yet? (opening with $15 mil). Hilary Swank's The Reaping reaped $10.1 million, good enough for the No. 5 spot. read more

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