Good Will Hunting

1997, Movie, R, 122 mins


Starz Greenlights First Original Unscripted Series from Project Greenlight Producer


Starz is developing an original documentary competition series from the producer of Project Greenlight, the network announced Thursday.

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Top Videos: Ellen Is the New Black, Good Will Batman, Bill Nye on Dancing

Ellen DeGeneres

This week, Ellen DeGeneres jumped on the Orange Is the New Black bandwagon with a hilarious mashup of her "guest-starring" on the Netflix series. George Takei reviewed Google Glass, Saturday Night Live announced the addition of six new cast members, Fox used the viral video hit "The Fox" in a new promo, and Bill Nye got people talking with his debut on Dancing with the Stars. Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

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Ben Affleck Cast as Batman in Man of Steel Sequel

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Warner Bros. Pictures announced on Thursday.

It was first announced at this year's Comic-Con that Superman (Henry Cavill) would face off against Batman. "Ben... read more

VIDEO: Matt Damon Hijacks Jimmy Kimmel with Ben Affleck, Oprah and More

Jimmy Kimmel Live

After 10 years, Matt Damon has finally gotten revenge on Jimmy Kimmel for bumping him from Jimmy Kimmel Live 1,205 times.

"Welcome to tonight's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Sucks," Damon said on Thursday's episode, while Kimmel struggled tied to a chair behind him. read more

Robin Williams Looking to Return to TV, Teams With David E. Kelley For Comedy

Robin Williams

Shazbot! Robin Williams could be making a return to TV, where he famously got his start 30 years ago as the lovable alien from Ork on Mork & Mindy. The actor is in talks to team up with writer David E. Kelley to develop The Crazy Ones, a comedy about an aging but brilliant advertising exec.

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Robin Williams Weds for Third Time

Susan Schneider and Robin Williams

Third time's the charm for Robin Williams?

The Good Will Hunting actor tied the knot to graphic designer Susan Schneider on Sunday, US Weekly reports.

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Community Episode Recap: "Basic Rocket Science"

Season 1 of Community provided us with some amazing spoofs. Mafia films, action/adventure movies, Good Will Hunting, Batman Begins, romantic comedies and more. This week, we are treated to an entire episode of sci-fi space films, specifically Apollo 13, Armageddon, The Right Stuff and others.

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Good Will Hunting: The F***ing Short Version

Good Will Hunting courtesy Miramax

We love ourselves the occasional fan-created montage, but this one really opened our eyes to how many times the f-word was used throughout the movie Good Will Hunting. This video tells the abridged version of the story by editing everything down, except for one key word used throughout the entire movie (said with a Baaaston accent, of course). And if it's not obvious enough as to what word we're alluding to, here's our caveat — Warning: Adult Language. Watch it now! | More online videos read more

The second that Don brought home...

The second that Don brought home the preteen whose mother had just been murdered, I literally thought, "Can we keep him?" I know it isn't as easy as adopting a puppy, but watching Don, his dad and Charlie all interact with this little man added such an interesting dynamic to this show. Sure, he's probably happy with his grandmother halfway across the country, but I think he would have fit in well with this boys' club. I did like that Alan said that watching Don with the kid gave him hope for future grandchildren. Let's hope so. Much as I love all the crime solving, it would be nice if the hard-working guys on this show had some fun dating games that didn't involve their cases or work. The case itself was very timely and ripped from the headlines again, but the math this week was so over my head. There were anomalies and imperfect equations with no clear answers. I don't get those kind of puzzles, I like the logic with one answer, I must have slept through the randomness class. Instead, read more

I have two commercial-related ...

Question: I have two commercial-related questions. First, there is a MasterCard commercial I saw recently, with adults in a rather unique candy store. The song playing is the Willy Wonka tune "Pure Imagination," but it's performed by a modern group. Could you please tell me what group performs this version? The other question is about the ads for Dove cookies and ice cream. I say that the actress in the ads is Minnie Driver, but my wife thinks it is just someone who looks a lot like her. Could you please settle this? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Answer: Hey, as James Taylor once sang in an oh-so-mellow fashion, that's why I'm here, Patrick.

Don't know if you'll be happy with what I have to tell you, however. First off, the MasterCard ad you're referring to, "Candy Store," featured a version of the Wonka song specially commissioned for the commerc read more

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