Gobots: Battle Of The Rock Lords

1986, Movie, G, 75 mins


For every film like THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE, which celebrates the art of animation, there unfortunately exists a work of this ilk, mired in the substandard values that have become commonplace in cartoons. GOBOTS: BATTLE OF THE ROCKLORDS is merely an extension of the television and subsequent videocassette series, both tie-ins to the line of toys popular with eight-year-olds. GoBots are robots that can turn themselves into a variety of devices, from rugged-terrain vehicles to spaceships. The Rock People, a group of mutant humans who can become rocks when danger is near, suffer from the oppressive regime of the Rock Lords, who are headed by a nasty wizard. Like all good bad wizards, this one wants to rule the universe. Of course the GoBots just won't stand for this sort of thing and, as a result, become deeply involved with the issue. Silly but not unexpectedly so. As poorly animated features go, this one ranks down there with the worst of them. The characters have no real personalities, and the whole thing is just too somber for its own good. leave a comment

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Gobots: Battle Of The Rock Lords
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