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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "Pilot"

I feel like I'd follow Melissa McCarthy to the ends of the earth — and not just in terms of television watching. I first discovered her in a bit part when she stole the scene she was in with Scott Wolf (or was it Jay Mohr?) in a little movie called Go. She didn't come back onto my radar until Gilmore Girls, but what a great way to make a return. Her adorable and somewhat neurotic and accident-prone Sookie St. James was a revelation. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel weren't half bad either. Kidding, kidding. They were awesome. I loved that show. Next she spent some time with Christina Applegate on Samantha Who? and now she's where she belongs: in a lead role. It's about time.

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Invasion Star: Don't Underestimate Underlay

William Fichtner, Invasion

ABC's Invasion is back with a bang tonight (10 pm/ET), sharing the first of two new shocker-filled episodes... before taking a five-week break. (Do not get me started.) Still, what's ahead is super stuff, led off by this week's episode, which is fittingly titled "The Fittest." TVGuide.com enjoyed a rather candid convo with none other than shady Sheriff Tom Underlay himself, film vet William Fichtner. TVGuide.com: Invasion is so much fun. You must be camped out by your mailbox waiting for the next script, eh?William Fichtner: read more

OK, last week's tease was a dead...


OK, last week's tease was a dead giveaway as to what was going to happen this week: Clark would turn back into SuperClark, mainly because we saw him "die." As if. So I decided to watch anyway because: 1) I write the Smallville Watercooler. And 2) I'm on an unending quest to spot James Marsters. But for the second week in a row, he's a no-show. (So cold, Smallville. So cold.) What we did get was some Lana and Clark lookin' all googly-eyed-in-love with each other. Later, a cybergeek friend of Chloe's tries to blow up Smallville because he's sick and tired of all the freak-of-the-weeks running around town. Apparently he tries to use one of the 15 or so nuclear missiles located in Smallville, Kan. And how did we find out about those little buggers? Because Jonathan told us, in a clumsy bit of exposition with Detective Frau Far read more

I recently saw and loved the ...

We're all connected: Matt Dillon

Question: I recently saw and loved the movie Crash, and was especially intrigued by the way all the stories intersected and converged. Could you possibly give me a list of some other films whose stories are structured in the same way? Answer: I certainly can: First, for the benefit of readers who haven't seen Crash (2005), its structure is one in which multiple narratives are developed simultaneously and overlay or intersect at key points before converging at the end. Unlike ensemble movies in which there's a main plot and a series of subplots, films like this give more or less equal weight to all the story strands and derive a significant part of their thematic power from the apparently random way in which different characters' destinies come together. To my mind, the greatest of all multiple-story narratives is read more

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