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Revolution Burning Questions: Monroe Meets His Match. Plus, What the Heck Is the Tower?

Billy Burke

Revolution continued to add questions on top of questions this week, but I'm not complaining. "Ghosts" set up a lot of interesting changes to the NBC drama that will dramatically shift the series' tone away from the simple Miles vs. Monroe dichotomy. Read on for the nine biggest burning questions from Monday's episode.... read more

TV Guide Network Counts Down Biggest Movie Flops

Glitter DVD art

Are you still scarred from Gigli? Can't believe anyone thought Waterworld was a good idea? Relive these memories and more with TV Guide Network's latest special Count It Down: Biggest Movie Flops. read more

With all the best- and ...

Question: With all the best- and worst-of-2005 lists I've seen, I've been wondering about the worst movies of all time. But though I've seen dozens of lists, with the exception of Plan 9 from Outer Space and Glen or Glenda, the movies on the lists all seem to have been made between 1980 and the present. Are there any bad-movie lists that go back to the early days of film, or is it just that movies started getting really bad in the 1980s?

Answer: I'll answer the second part of your question first: It's not that movies have gotten worse but that smarty-pants treasuring of "worst movies of all time" lists is a relatively recent phenomenon, one that I blame on Harry and Michael Medved and their condescending Golden Turkey Awards. I'm not saying that there aren't terrible movies out there, only that squandering energy that could be better used in any of a hundred ways on hunting down and cata read more

First off, Melinda Clarke is not...

First off, Melinda Clarke is not married to Malcolm McDowell, or to the agent he was playing tonight. Which is a good thing, since we love Julie Cooper and hate that guy. Trying to steal Vince from Ari like that, and at the little Gold girl's bat mitzvah, no less! Of course, it's not like anyone on the guest list was on their best behavior. Don't these people know that the Beverly Hilton is a castle of class? Except when the annual Television Critics Association tour hits town, but that's a whole other column. Anyhoo, I have to say Mandy Moore's dropping that shocker about her broken engagement threw me as much as it did Vinnie, and probably for the same reasons. No good can come from these two getting back together; it totally kills our chances of Andy Roddick's making a cameo and really, the world only needs one Gigli. If that. Then again, James Cameron did turn Titanic into an Oscar winner des read more

J.Lo Defends Gigli (Seriously!)

OK, so that butt-kisser James Lipton deemed Jennifer Lopez worthy of an Inside the Actors Studio appearance. But the rest of us know J.Lo more for her booty-shaking dance moves, addictively catchy pop songs and husband-juggling than for her acting prowess. Let's face it: The 35-year-old superstar was outta sight in Out of Sight, but she's since appeared in forgettable fluff like The Wedding Planner and the critically despised bomb Gigli. Still, rather than admit defeat, Razzie winner Lopez defends her performance in last year's most maligned flick. "I don't look at Gigli the way I think the rest of the world looks at Gigli," Lopez says. "I gauge my success on whether or not I have done my job and how well I did it. For me, I consider that movie a success in that sense. "I went in there with a certain amount of material that I could work with," she continues. "I did the best that I could. When I walk away from read more

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