The Fox And The Hound

1981, Movie, G, 83 mins


This charming Disney animated film details the lives of a young fox and a puppy who become close friends one summer. When the dog's owner, a mean hunter, takes him away for the winter, the fox and the hound expect to renew their friendship the following spring. When the hunter and the hound return, however, the fox's former friend has become the man's favorite hunting dog. The dog saves the fox's life once but warns him to stay away if he doesn't want to be killed. Meanwhile, the fox has fallen for another young fox, Vixey. The hunter is determined to catch the fox; there is a terrifying chase, but the tables turn when the dog is cornered by a large bear.

The animation here is better than average (veteran Disney animators Wolfgang Reitherman and Art Stevens supervised the talents of a new crop of artists that developed during a 10-year program at the studio), though not quite up to the quality of Disney Studios in its heyday. Still, this film has a lot of "heart" and is wonderful entertainment for both kids and their parents. Listen for a number of favorites among the voices. leave a comment

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The Fox And The Hound
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The Fox And The Hound
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