Four Friends

1981, Movie, R, 114 mins


A charming, heartfelt, sometimes insightful look at four friends who form strong bonds while in high school in the early 1960s, and then desperately cling to that love during the turbulent social upheavals that marked the end of the decade. Unfortunately, FOUR FRIENDS attempts to cover so much ground that at times the film becomes frustratingly muddled.

The film's focal point is Danilo (Wasson), the son of a Yugoslavian immigrant steelworker (Simon) who does not understand Danilo's refusal to follow in his footsteps. Danilo seeks refuge with his best friends: handsome jock Tom (Metzler), overweight mama's boy David (Huddleston), and free-spirited Georgia (Thelen). Although the latter loves Danilo best, for various reasons she gives herself to Tom, leading to rifts among the group. Following graduation, they go their separate ways, and the film becomes a series of vignettes that attempt to dramatize nearly every aspect of life in the late 1960s.

Though FOUR FRIENDS runs out of gas toward the end, it's filmed with obvious love for the characters and features outstanding performances from the underrated Wasson, Thelen and Simon. Well worth seeing. leave a comment

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Four Friends
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