Feel The Noise

2007, Movie, PG-13, 0 mins


Produced by Jennifer Lopez's Newyorican Films, this simplistic teen drama features an engaging young star but doesn't miss a "follow your dreams" cliche.

Aspiring rapper Rob (Omarion Grandberry) gets into trouble with some Harlem hoods, so his concerned mom sends him to Puerto Rico to stay with the father who decamped when Rob was just an infant. Roberto (Giancarlo Esposito) is married to the warm, welcoming Marivi (Rosa Arredondo), and is raising her son, Javi (Victor Rasuk), from a previous relationship. Javi and Rob smoke a little dope, ogle some girls, go to a Reggaaeton concert by Voltio (Reggaeton singer Julio Ramos) and vow to make their own music, their own way. Rob falls for local beauty CC (Zulay Henao), who hopes to be a professional dancer, and she hooks the stepbrothers up with music producer Jeffrey Skylar (James McCaffrey), who promises them a sweet deal in New York. Can the idealistic youngsters avoid getting ground up in the wheels of the music business?

. Directed by Argentine-born Alejandro Chomski and written by Albert Leon, this tale of talented, ambitious young people trying to make it in the music business without compromising their ideals is painfully cliched. The music is throbbing and the leads are cute, but there's nothing here viewers haven't seen before. leave a comment --Maitland McDonagh

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Feel The Noise
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