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Watercooler: Warehouse 13's Greatest Gift

Allison Scagliotti, Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly

You know, it really is a wonderful life when you get to spend the holidays in Warehouse 13.

Because we've apparently all been good boys and girls this year, Syfy last night unwrapped its annual batch of Christmas-themed episodes from the net's holy trinity — W13, Haven and Eureka. Of the three treats, Watercooler was most wowed by Warehouse's fresh, cheeky approach to one of... read more

Matt Frewer Takes Eureka to the Max

Matt Frewer, Eureka

Within the strange, genius-populated little Northwestern town at the heart of Sci Fi Channel's Eureka (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) resides Jim Taggart, the off-center "dogcatcher" who specializes in the critters, creepies and crawlies born of the burg's bizarre scientific experiments. spoke with Matt Frewer (aka Max Headroom for my fellow children of the '80s) about his stay in Eureka and the series' "aggressive multiplatform media initiative." (He has no idea what I just said.) It's always a pleasure — if not a little bit clumsy — to interview another person named Matt.Matt Frewer: Oh, well, just pretend I'm wearing a name read more

So far this summer I've ...

Question: So far this summer I've really enjoyed Psych and Eureka, as well as the too-cute Meerkat Manor. But as fall approaches and I read about some of the great new shows (as well as my old favorites), I'm wondering if I've taken on too much. My question is: How long do these summer shows run? Most didn't start until June, but I don't remember reading anywhere just how many episodes of each had been ordered. Also, what are the chances of Psych and Eureka getting renewed for a second season (whenever that is)? Answer: With cable series, it's case by case, and almost always very confusing. For the most part, these shows will finish their summer runs at the end of this month or by early September, so new episodes won't overlap with the fall-season launch. Shows like Psych and Monk often have another batch of originals that air sometime during the official season, usually in the winter. The chances are excellent that Psych and Eureka will be renewed, with new seasons almost certainl ... read more

Am I mistaken, or are Colin ...

Question: Am I mistaken, or are Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter of Eureka), Joel Gretsch (Tom Baldwin of The 4400) and Mark Valley (Brad Chase of Boston Legal) the same person using different names? Answer: You're not the only one to write in about the resemblance between Ferguson and Gretsch, but since you added the similarly square-jawed Valley to the mix, let me just say that if they could bottle the water from that particular handsome-leading-man gene pool, someone could make a fortune. (And speaking of which, if only Mark Valley could find his way out of Legal and into an actual leading-man role again, like the wonderful Keen Eddie. ... read more

What happened to the Ally ...

Question: What happened to the Ally McBeal guy (I have no idea what his name is) who was in charge of the science lab in the pilot episode of Eureka? I have watched the second episode several times now, and they don't make any mention of him. Will he be back, or has he been permanently replaced by Allison's surprise hubby? Answer: That's Greg Germann you're referring to, and he is officially (or at least in retrospect) being referred to as a guest star in the opener. As the show developed beyond the pilot, his character was dropped and the Nathan Stark character was added. Germann will resurface later this season as part of the cast of ABC's mid-season comedy In Case of Emergency ... read more

I saw the premiere of Eureka ...

Question: I saw the premiere of Eureka on Sci Fi Tuesday night, and I am in love. I think it is a great show, with fresh ideas, great characters and a great conspiracy story. What do you think of its chances for more than one season?
Answer: Given how well it opened, if the ratings hold up at all, I would think a renewal is a sure bet. For my own review, click here. I know I'm curious to see how this quirky show develops. ... read more

Eureka Star's Interest Is Twin Peak'd

Colin Ferguson, Eureka

Starting tonight at 9 pm/ET, Sci Fi Channel's Eureka ventures into the same Pacific Northwest that played home to Twin Peaks as it tells the tale of a tiny town harboring a big secret: namely, a population of geniuses, many of whom toil for a top-secret government think tank. Playing U.S. Marshal Jack Carter, through whom viewers experience this strange (and soon about to become stranger) world, is Colin Ferguson, whose alter ego has little idea that this quick pass through town, with a temperamental teenage daughter in tow, will turn into a very "extended" stay. How are you doing there, Colin?
Colin Ferguson:
I'm han read more

Geeks and Freaks
Eureka: The playground of mad scientists

The tucked-away town of Eureka may not be on a map, but you can't miss it. Just turn left at the second wormhole. What's strange is commonplace in Eureka (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET on Sci Fi, premiering July 18), a divertingly original but awfully precious comic fantasy that brings science fiction back to Earth. The setting: a quirky Northern Exposure-like burg in the Pacific Northwest where every basement seems to be hatching a mind-blowing (and potentially cosmos-shaking) experiment, courtesy of a local population of obsessed geniuses. Many of the classified secrets behind the town's origins are revealed in this week's two-hour pilot, in which U.S. Marshal Jack Carter (gangly, goofily charming Colin Ferguson) stumbles into Eureka just as a secret project goes awry and beg read more

Summer TV is always bad, but ...

Question: Summer TV is always bad, but this year I find myself watching virtually nothing. OK, I have used the rerun schedule to catch a few eps of My Name Is Earl (but not if I already saw them), and I have rewatched some Grey's Anatomy episodes, but otherwise I watch nothing. I can't face Gilmore Girls reruns this year. Somehow Lost reruns don't cut it. I'd rather pull my fingernails out one by one than watch moronic reality shows. I don't have cable. Am I doomed until September? Is there anything out there on broadcast TV that is worth watching? Answer: Oh, David, this is so sad. I'm actually having a pretty good TV summer, but only because of the variety of cable choices, from Rescue Me on FX and The Closer on TNT to Hustle on AMC to HBO's Deadwood-Entourage combo on Sundays, with a chaser of The 4400 the same night. And in July there's the delightful new comedy-mystery read more

Is Eureka worth watching?

Question: Is Eureka worth watching?

Answer: Sadly, it's not. I tried watching it, but I gave up around 30 minutes in. The bad writing was making my ears bleed. Don't waste your time.

read more

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