Enter The Dragon

1973, Movie, R, 99 mins


If you have a yen for spectacular chopsocky action, this is as good a flick to start with as any. The legendary Bruce Lee is showcased in his most lavish adventure--though, as this was made in Hong Kong after all, it still feels like a low-rent James Bond thriller crossed with Fu Manchu.

The plot barely rates relating but here goes: Lee (Bruce Lee) is recruited by a government agent, Braithwaite (Weeks), to enter a martial arts contest on the island fortress of Han (Shih), a particularly vicious chap with a nasty iron claw who is believed to be involved in drug smuggling and prostitution. Lee agrees because he knows that Han's right-hand man, Oharra (Wall), is responsible for his sister's death (she committed suicide rather than be raped by him).

On the island he meets Roper (Saxon) and Williams (Kelly), ex-army buddies from the US, on the run, respectively, from the mob and the law. Lee tries to infiltrate Han's underground chamber but fails, beating up a number of guards in the process. The next morning Han orders the men who let the intruder escape to fight Bolo (Sze), who kills them all easily. But enough plot... let it suffice to say that the only compelling reason to sit through this film is to see the greatest martial arts star of all time.

Lee proves why he is still the dominant legend in the genre more than a decade after his death. During one fight scene, Lee performed a flying kick so fast it couldn't be captured on film at 24 frames a second. The cameraman had to film the sequence in slow motion to get it to look like it wasn't faked. Nobody shows much evidence of acting ability, and the script is full of holes. Nonstop action is what these films are about, and that's what you get here. leave a comment

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Enter The Dragon
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