Dungeon Of Desire

2000, Movie, R, 90 mins


As staff shutterbug for Playpen Magazine, Carrie (Michelle Turner) is constantly on the lookout for sexy layout locations. Accompanied by models Vickie (Amber Newman) and Jill (Regina Russell), Carrie focuses on a Gothic mansion that's been uninhabited for years. While snapping cheesecake photos in the basement, the women discover a magical chastity belt that propels them back in time. In a medieval world of wizards and wenches, kindly magician Marcus (Burke Morgan) advises them to keep a low profile lest they be labeled witches. The modern gals run afoul of Queen Aura (Venessa Blair), who cements her power by preventing the marriage of Prince Eric (Ed Johnson) to his beloved Princess Gwen (Mia). Posing as ladies-in-waiting, Vickie and Carrie run interference for the thwarted couple; Jill's gig as a serving girl nets her a beau, Adam (Steven Curtis), who becomes a co-conspirator in a plot to oust the Queen. After Gwen gets locked up in the chastity belt, Marcus discovers how to regenerate its power: with orgasms! Carrie, Vickie and Jill are willing to help overthrow Aura, but they're also counting on Eric and Gwen — through their lovemaking prowess — to transport them back to the future. Veering closer to Frederick's of Hollywood than Victoria's Secret in sensibility, this good old-fashioned soft-core flick shamelessly devises ways for the cast to get naked. For those for whom nudity is not enough, the silly scenario amusingly envisions life inside a medieval palace as a precursor to the Playboy Mansion. Whizzing through the court intrigue, the cast slams across the gags with good cheer and proves no slouch in the titillation department, either. leave a comment --Robert Pardi

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Dungeon Of Desire
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