Diary Of The Dead

2008, Movie, R, 95 mins


DVD Tuesday: They're Baaaaack! Diary of the Dead

DVD Tuesday And the corpse came back the very next day George Romeros Diary of the Dead puts a nasty new spin on old living dead clichesZombies have always given me nightmares and Night of the Living Dead terrified me before Id even seen it -- Roger Eberts piece about seeing it at a kiddie matinee in a neighborhood theater gave my imagination plenty to work with Ive seen a lot of zombie movies since then and Im pretty inured to them which is why I was pleasantly suprised by George Romeros new Diary of the Dead if pleasantly is the word I was afraid that the conceit -- essentially rebooting the Dead franchise by going back to the beginning and telling the story on digital video as though it had been made by student filmmakers a la Blair Witch Project -- would seem hokey and tired like the efforts of an aging filmmaker to appeal to the young folks TV Spot 2 - Where Will You BeBut I was wrong It actually get Romero back to the raw immediacy of Night of the Livi read more

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Diary Of The Dead
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