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Deliverance's Bill McKinney Dead at 80

Bill McKinney, Deliverance

Bill McKinney, best known for his role in Deliverance, has died after a battle with esophageal cancer, according to his Facebook page. He was 80.

"Today our dear Bill McKinney passed away at... read more

Cheers & Jeers: Louie the 14th (To Do the Same Old Jokes)


Jeers to Louie for trafficking in clichés and ugly stereotypes.

Louis CK's FX "comedy" has been praised for its edgy style, but when you look past the gritty-indie camerawork and ooh-aren't-we-daring? use of politically incorrect epithets (including the n-word in a repugnant vignette about how African-Americans allegedly don't leave tips), it's as boringly conventional as TV gets... read more

At the Movies: Spider-Man Helmer Lurks in The Shadow

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Columbia Pictures has acquired the screen rights to The Shadow, to at least be produced, if not directed, by Sam Raimi. The pulp hero, born from a 1931 radio series, last was played on film by Alec Baldwin.... Sandra Bullock is One of the Guys in a comedy about a real "guy's gal" who labors to embrace her feminine side, and apparently never rented Miss Congeniality.... The Longest Yard director Peter Segal will lens a comedy about the very first Olympics, penned by Craig and Jeff Cox (of Will Ferrell's forthcoming Blades of Glory).... Dimension Films has acquired North American rights to Storm Warning, a Deliverance-esque Aussie horror pic about a husband and wife on a fishing trip that goes terribly wrong. Because so many husband-wife fishing trips go wonderfully.SIDE NOTE: Speaking of movies, check out my fresh Trivial Matt'rs entry to see how I think the new Rocky film serves as a finish to the series. read more

Supernatural Last week Sam and...

SupernaturalLast week Sam and Dean posed as hot priests. This week they become hot Minnesota state cops in order to track down some decidedly unsupernatural kidnappers. And that's what I liked about this particular episode: The brothers are lookin' for something that can't be explained when, in reality, the crimes are being committed by human monsters who capture men, let them loose, then hunt and kill them. To borrow a quote from an earlier Supernatural, these psycho-nut hillbillies are "nine kinds of crazy." OK, is there anything better than Dean in full-on big-brother mode? After Sam gets taken, we get plenty of scenes with Dean being all lost and/or protective and/or vulnerable and/or ready to kick some serious ass. Sometimes all of the above at once. A read more


Jon Voigt

Citing personal reasons, Ian Holm (The Lord of the Rings, Chariots of Fire) has asked to be released from his commitment to play the lead in CBS' forthcoming John Paul II miniseries; in his stead, Jon Voigt (Anaconda, Deliverance) will portray the elder pontiff, Variety reports. Cary Elwes still will play the younger Karol Wojtyla, which again I say is great, because brother absolutely killed in The Princess Bride read more

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