Daleks--Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

1966, Movie, NR, 84 mins


This is the sequel to DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS, which also starred Cushing as Dr. Who. The character is based on a long-running BBC television series of the same name. This adventure starts when a London bobby mistakes the doctor's time machine, called the Tardis, for a police emergency call box. The doctor, his niece, and his granddaughter are all in it, and because the bobby touches something he shouldn't have, all are thrown into the future--2150 AD to be exact. There they discover London has been ravaged by the Daleks, mutated aliens sitting in metal mobile transporters. The Daleks have razed the world, turned most of the people into living zombies called robomen, and made the rest do forced labor in a huge mine. They plan to rip out the metallic core of the earth and use the hollowed-out planet as a spaceship. The doctor and his entourage join a small band of free resistance fighters in London who intend to defeat the aliens. The doctor accomplishes the feat by creating a powerful magnetic field inside the deep mine, which sucks all the Daleks into the earth's core. leave a comment

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Daleks--Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
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