Creepshow 2

1987, Movie, R, 89 mins


This sequel to George Romero's CREEPSHOW doesn't repeat the mistakes of the original, but it does commit errors all its own. Stephen King once again contributed the lame stories, which were adapted by Romero and directed by CREEPSHOW cinematographer Michael Gornick. The first tale, "Old Chief Wood'nhead," is about a cigar store Indian that comes to life to avenge the murders of the sweet old couple that ran the general store he guarded. The second offering, "The Raft," follows a quartet of pot-smoking college students to a raft in the middle of a lake where they are attacked by an oil slick with a mind of its own. In the last story, "The Hitchhiker," a cheating wife, returning from a tryst, hits a hitchhiker, who survives and keeps popping up, forcing her to kill him again and again. Whereas Romero's approach to this material is distinctly tongue-in-cheek, Gornick makes the mistake of giving the stories a straightforward treatment that merely heightens their inherent weakness. Both pictures use animation to tie things together, though the cartoon work in both is weak. Tom Savini makes a cameo appearance in heavy makeup as the "Creep" (his voice dubbed by Joe Silver), and King appears in the final sequence as a truck driver. leave a comment

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