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Harry's Potter of Gold Reaches $140 Million

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix courtesy Warner Bros.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix topped the weekend box office with a $77.4 million haul, bringing its five-day total to a cool $140 mil. The previous Potter pics enjoyed $88.4 to $102.7 mil opening weekends, but first hit theaters on Friday, so... apples, oranges.Rounding out the top five were Transformers ($36 mil, $223 mil to date), Ratatouille ($18 mil), Live Free or Die Hard ($10.9 mil) and License to Wed ($7.4 mil). Elisha Cuthbert's Captivity, the weekend's only other new wide release, debuted at No. 12 with $1.55 mil (aka Harry Potter's wand budget). read more

Out of Captivity, Elisha Cuthbert Is Ready for More 24

Elisha Cuthbert, Captivity

Maybe Kim Bauer didn't have it so rough after all. In the new horror flick Captivity (hitting theaters this Friday the 13th), 24 alumna Elisha Cuthbert stars as Jennifer, a cover girl and America's sweetheart. The beauty meets a beast, though, when Jennifer is drugged, abducted and held captive in a cell, where she is subjected to a series of terrifying tortures born of a sadistic mind. So perverse is her peril that the promotional posters for Captivity came under fire a few months back and even jeopardized the film's fate. stole a few minut read more

24's Elisha Cuthbert "Shocked" by Torture-porn Flap

Elisha Cuthbert courtesy After Dark Films

Come mid-July — Friday the 13th, in fact — the latest salvo in the "torture-porn" genre hits theaters, though for a moment there, it was questionable whether Captivity would ever see the dark of the moviehouse. In March, MPAA-unauthorized ads for the flick leaked out, drawing more than a little controversy for their depiction of Elisha Cuthbert in assorted states of grisly distress. Appearing Thursday at the Times Square Planet Hollywood to immortalize her handprints in cement, Cuthbert told she was "actually shocked" by the outcry, "because a lot of films out right now, like [the] Saw and Hostel [series], have sort of 'raised the bar' as far as the genre goes." That said, she readily admits the controversy is of "the good kind that goes along with a horror film."I then steered the topic to 24, which, with what is rumored to be a mostly CTU-free "new day" coming up, may call for Kim Bauer's return, should Jack be desperate for a lifeline. "I'll be waiting by th... read more

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