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Does Mel Gibson Deserve Another Chance?

Mel Gibson

On the 10th anniversary of The Passion of The Christ's release, a journalist is pleading with Hollywood to let Mel Gibson off the hook for his grievances that led to him being blacklisted by most studios.

In an opinion piece posted on, Alison Hope Weiner defends Gibson, saying that he's a different man who simply doesn't come to his own defense to prove that he's changed. Weiner... read more

Titanic, SNL Among Titles Expiring on Netflix on New Year's Day

Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon

Titanic, Top Gun and episodes of Saturday Night Live from the 2000s are among the titles set to expire on Netflix on Jan. 1, according to a list that popped up on Reddit over the holidays.

Other TV shows that will no longer be offered through the streaming company in the New Year include... read more

Mel Gibson and Wife Finalize Divorce After 30-Year Marriage

Robyn Moore and Mel Gibson

A Superior Court judge finalized Mel Gibson's divorce on Friday from Robyn Moore, his wife of 30 years, The Associated Press reports.

Almost all details of the split were kept confidential, but reports say Moore stands to get a big pay-off from the divorce. Because there was no prenuptial agreement, it was ruled that... read more

Braveheart's Angus Macfadyen Joins Chuck as Final Villain

Angus Macfayden

Scottish actor Angus Macfadyen has joined the cast of Chuck in its final season, has confirmed.

Check out the rest of today's news

The Braveheart star, whose TV credits include Alias, Californication and Lie to Me, will portray... read more

Robert Downey Jr. to Hollywood: Forgive Mel Gibson

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr., who battled his own vices and came back on top of Hollywood, is hoping he can bestow a second chance upon another troubled actor: Mel Gibson.

While being honored with the American Cinematheque Award, the Iron Man star pleaded with Hollywood to "forgive" Gibson, his former Air America co-star, who was in attendance to present him with the award, according to

Jewish leaders blast Mel Gibson, Warner Bros. for Maccabee movie

"Unless you are... read more

Sheriff Investigating Mel Gibson's Claims of Extortion

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is investigating Mel Gibson's extortion claims against ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, a department spokesman told

Spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed an investigation into the Russian singer is under way, but he declined to offer any additional details.

Gibson's claims are related to the purported audio of Gibson yelling at and threatening Grigorieva that have recently leaked online.... read more

Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon...

Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon crash-landed ("Shot down by the cast of Braveheart," griped Rodney) in an Alcatrazlike prison located on an island that is a de facto feeding ground for the Wraith. In fact, the whole reason the Wraith left the remainder of Elysia (I'm guessing at the spelling) alone is because the porky, amoral magistrate cut a deal with a hammy Wraith rep who sips blood-colored wine with the phony decadence of somebody who has gorged himself on Anne Rice's oeuvre. Add Donald Pleasance's severed finger, and the plot would have been a complete recycle of Escape from New York (which, incidentally, starred Kurt Russell, the Jack O'Neill of the original silver-screen Stargate, a film that also featured James Spader, who was in Crash with Holly Hunter, whom I saw present a 1996 Golden Globe alongside… wait for it… Kevin Bacon). Not that I'd put severing body parts past Torrell and his thugs. They did read more

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