Blast Of Silence

1961, Movie, NR, 77 mins


Reviews for this film ranged from "pretentious" to "better luck next time," but it remains one of the better New York low-budget films. Baron, who also wrote and directed, is an assassin who has a contract to kill a racketeer. He has to work himself up to the deed, and the film follows him as he meets his former sweetheart, who tosses him aside, strangles the man who supplies him with the murder weapon, kills the racketeer, and eventually gets double-crossed by the hoodlums who hired him. There's lots to recommend this shoestring picture, not the least of which is Baron's acting ability. The man was a triple threat and eventually gave up the typewriter and the makeup in favor of being behind the scenes. He still works often as a TV director. Tucker, who later created BOB AND CAROL AND TED AND ALICE and a number of other films with his erstwhile partner, Paul Mazursky, is memorable as the fat man known as Big Ralph. (Tucker has had trouble with his weight all his life and topped the scales at nearly 500 pounds at one time.) leave a comment

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Blast Of Silence
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