Basket Case 2

1990, Movie, R, 89 mins

Although at the end of 1982's BASKET CASE the film's stars were left for dead, in BASKET CASE 2 it turns out they were merely injured, and are now ready to start causing trouble all over again. Those who saw the first BASKET CASE will recall Duane and Belial Bradley, who were born Siamese twins. Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck) is perfectly normal-looking, while Belial (created by special effects) is a small, grotesque mutant--just a slimy head with two slimy arms. A bloody operation in the first movie painfully separated the boys, but Belial did not die as expected, and Duane subsequently carried his brother around in a laundry basket every place he went. Hence the mo...
Released: 1990 Rated: R Length: 89 mins

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Basket Case 2
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Basket Case 2
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