Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!

2008, Movie, NR, 96 mins


Writer-director Todd Stephens is at it again but unfortunately he still hasn't returned to the kind of movie he's actually good at making: quirky but sensitive comedic coming-of-age dramas like EDGE OF SEVENTEEN and GYPSY 83. Instead, he's made a sequel to 2006's ANOTHER GAY MOVIE, a queer spin on NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE that's even less entertaining -- and far grosser -- that the original.

It's Spring Break, and ANOTHER GAY MOVIE's quartet of, um, college-age horndogs from San Torum, Calif., are heading down to Ft. Lauderdale, "Whore-ida," for a week of boys, booze and booty. Well-endowed nerd Griff (Aaron Michael Davies) and under-blessed jock Jarod (Jimmy Clabots, filling in for the non-returning Jonathan Chase) are still a couple, randy Andy (Jake Mosser) has come to terms with his new identity as a power bottom and silver-screen worshipper Nico (Jonah Blechman) still looks like Norma Desmond in supper-club production of SHOWGIRLS. Comfortably ensconced in the gayest neck of the Broward County woods, the boys settle in for a week of fun in the sun, the highlight being the Gays Gone Wild Contest. The rules are simple: Contestants keep track of each sexual conquest by stamping on his headboard shaped dance card. At the end of the week, the one with the most stamps is crowned Miss Gay Gone Wild and receives a bevy of prizes, including a weekend in Asbury Park, NJ (what better way to jump start the up-and-coming area's gentrification), a subscription to an (real-life) gay porn site (plug plug) and a hunky Italian hustler. Last year's Gay Gone Wild winner is Jasper (Big Brother 5's Will Wikle), an obnoxious blond creature with two equally catty sidekicks (Brandon Lim, Isaac Webster) who are also named Jasper (think HEATHERS). Jasper No.1 is determined to keep his crown, but senses competition in the oversexed boys from San Torum. So Jasper pulls every dirty (and we do mean dirty) trick (and we do mean trick) in the book, from itchy crabs and superglue-spiked lube to a very Brady tiki idol guaranteed to keep all boys at bay.

"Our sequel needs to be a whole new experience, boys!" declares Nico at the outset, but apparently no one was listening: This follow-up is painfully familiar, from the gross-out gags to the to the array of disposable gay pop icons that litter the background, like briefly underage porn star Brent Corrigan (also a key player in a sordid murder investigation), out American Idol Jim Verraros, celebu-tranny Amanda Lepore and grating gossip-monger Perez Hilton, regrettably playing himself. The film looks pretty good -- even that icky golden-showers musical number is done with a certain style -- but the script is scatterbrained and aimed at audiences who will laugh at anything as long as it's dirty. It's also unnecessarily gory, and wields an unsettlingly sadistic edge: What, exactly, are disemboweled corpses, torn flesh and buckets of vomit doing in a candy colored queer comedy? How such a low-budget production could afford such an impressive soundtrack -- the B-52s, the Go-Gos, Lesley Gore and Nancy Sinatra – is a puzzler, but all those prominently placed URLs for commercial porn sites and the cast's winking endorsement of sex-toys like the "Fleshjack" are undoubtedly there for a reason. Stephens tries to play it all as a joke, but no matter how he spins it, it's product placement as shameless as the movie itself. leave a comment --Ken Fox

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Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!
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