All Dogs Go To Heaven

1989, Movie, G, 87 mins


A worthy alternative to Disney's animation hegemony. Set in Louisiana in 1939, this film tells the story of Charlie (voiced by Burt Reynolds), a mangy canine who is killed by Carface (Vic Tayback), his partner in a casino and rat-racing establishment. In heaven, Charlie is warned that he can never return if he leaves, but he heads back to earth to seek revenge. Once there, he reunites with his pal Itchy (Dom DeLuise) and they go after Carface, who has kidnaped a little orphan girl who has the ability to talk with animals. For a children's cartoon, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN deals rather bluntly with unpleasant subject matter, and indeed, some scenes may frighten or confuse more impressionable children. It is, however, never offensive and perfectly suitable for most kids. The animation, courtesy of Don Bluth's studio, is exceptional, and some fine musical moments are provided by Melba Moore. leave a comment

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All Dogs Go To Heaven
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