A Woman, Her Men And Her Futon

1992, Movie, R, 90 mins


Rising star Jennifer Rubin (THE DOORS, DELUSION) heads the cast in A WOMAN, HER MEN AND HER FUTON, a slow-moving drama about a would-be screenwriter who ends up using her casual affairs with men as material for a script.

Set in Los Angeles, the film opens with Helen (Rubin), an attractive twentysomething office worker, breaking up with her possessive boyfriend Paul (Michael Cerveris). Living beyond her means, Helen soon loses her car and her apartment, and eventually moves in with her friend Donald (Lance Edwards), an aspiring writer. Helen helps Donald with his screenplay, while secretly writing her own. In the meantime, Donald introduces Helen to Max (Robert Lipton), a producer who takes an interest in Helen and her screenplay.

Feeling cornered by Paul, Max and Donald, who also wants a relationship with her, Helen has a series of casual affairs. These flings and her past relationships end up in her screenplay. And before you can say "Masters & Johnson," she sells her script. By the end of the film, Helen moves out of Donald's place and drives off with futon in tow.

Written and directed by Mussef Sibay, A WOMAN, HER MEN AND HER FUTON drags in spots, but it's well acted and has good production values. It also intelligently addresses the issues of manipulation, frustration and false hope that take place within relationships. This is brought to bear in a key scene toward the end of the film, where Donald and Helen finally lay their cards on the table. After Helen says she doesn't want to get involved, Donald accuses her of leading him on and using him. Yet Donald has been deceitful too--pretending to be rich and initially claiming that he only wants to be her friend. (Profanity, sexual situations, nudity.) leave a comment

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A Woman, Her Men And Her Futon
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