One person's trash is another person's... ticket to Hollywood.

That's the case for St. Louis beauty salon owner Casey Ray, who found a script for the Twilight sequel New Moon in a trash bin. Good Samaritan that she is, Ray returned the tossed pages, along with the script for another movie titled Memoirs, to Summit Entertainment studios.

The good turn earned her invitations to both films' premieres.

"We thank Ms. Ray for doing the right thing," Summit spokesman Paul Pflug said.

Ray considered leaking the scripts to a tabloid, but ultimately decided against it, according to her lawyer, Al Watkins. "My client didn't really want to get paid," he said.

It is unclear how the scripts wound up in the trash container, which was located outside an upscale hotel where George Clooney and his castmates are staying for the St. Louis shoot of Up in the Air.

Up in the Air co-stars Anna Kendrick, who portrayed Jessica Stanley in Twilight, but the actress' rep said Kendrick wouldn't have left the scripts lying around.

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