Just prior to joining Desperate Housewives in the role of slippery (and scary!) Dave Williams, Neal McDonough channeled a videogame villain for the big-screen action flick Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (now in theaters).

"That was a blast," Neal raves in this video Q&A. "We went to Thailand for three months, my family came with me, and I got to play Bison, who is just a mess of a character."

McDonough goes on to detail some tweaking they did to the Bison character, as well as talk about he and Smallville alumna Kristin Kreuk (as Street Fighter's titular heroine) "kicked the snot" out of each other in fight scenes. Check it all out below.

Coming later this week: McDonough previews Housewives' ominous camping excursion for Dave, Mike and Katherine!