Kellan Lutz, Kristen Stewart and, Robert Pattinson, Twilight - Summit Entertainment

Twilight, a forbidden love story between a gorgeous vampire and a plain human girl, could rival the tickets sales and fan mania last seen during the Leo and Kate days of Titanic. With a fan base already built from the four adored novels, The Twilight Saga, (it has sold over 25 million copies worldwide) the nervous, hormonal teenage energy anticipating the film alone, if properly harnessed, could solve our energy crisis. Here's what you need to know about Twilight before heading to the theater:

Bring earplugs: If you want to keep your hearing, you will need protection from permanent hearing loss while throngs of squealing "Team Edward" fangirls swoon at every glance between Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, and Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart.

Bring Smelling Salts: If you are prone to fainting, the entrance of Edward may be too much for some to handle. Stay vigilant.

Check Your Man Card at the Door: Not saying that guys can't enjoy this movie because there are some seriously hot girls in the cast. But listen up, boys: You must face the fact, no matter how awesome your girlfriend thinks you are for watching the movie, you will never, ever be as perfect as Edward.

Meet the Angsty Heroes: Bella is shy, plain and a complete klutz, but she instantly attracts the attention of many boys at her new school. Despite the attention, Bella only has eyes for the beautiful and mysterious Edward. After meeting Edward at school and digging into his family's history, Bella realizes they're vampires. Edward and Bella cannot literally and physically deny their intense attraction to one another (but if looks could mate, they'd have 10,000 babies by now). Bella constantly feels insecure that such a god-like creature would love her, but Edward's love for Bella is deep and true.

Keep an Eye on the Cullen Family: The Cullen Family keep their vampire status secret from the public. The family is headed by respected town doctor Carlisle and his kind wife Esme. They adopted five vampires into their "coven": Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Edward. Even though they are adopted siblings, Rosalie and Emmett are married, as are Alice and Jasper. Edward is the lone single vampire, until he gives his heart to Bella.

Bella's Best Friend: Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, is Bella's sweet, soulful friend who some fangirls (Team Jacob) think should wind up with Bella. Love triangle alert! The two buds grew up playing together during her summer visits with her dad. Jacob is the one who educates Bella about the mysterious Cullen family. Bella does flirt with Jacob a little, but he knows whom Bella's heart truly belongs to.

Watch Out for the Merciless Tracker Vampire:  James is vicious leader of a nomadic coven of vampires who hunts human beings and animals for sport. He sets his sights on Bella in Twilight and is known by the vampires for not relenting until he gets what he wants. He's joined by the "crazy in her eyes" Victoria in his quest to make Bella a meal.

Now that you know the basic 101 on Twilight, are you ready to fall in love with a vampire?