Neil Patrick Harris

Fresh from hosting the Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris has booked not one, but two film projects. The actor will headline the indie comedy The Best and the Brightest and co-star in the fairy-tale update Beastly, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Harris will play a carefree father who uproots his family from Delaware to New York City's Upper East Side in Best. Once in New York, the clan finds itself entangled in the city's competitive private school scene. Bonnie Somerville, who will play Harris' social status-conscious wife, and Amy Sedaris co-star.

Beastly is based on the Alex Finn novel of the same name and is a modern take of Beauty and the Beast. Harris will play a blind tutor to the teen beast (Alex Pettyfer). Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen are also on board.

Harris will shoot both films during his summer hiatus from How I Met Your Mother.