Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has confirmed reports that she will replace Tom Cruise in the upcoming espionage thriller Edwin A. Salt.

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith star first took a shine to the role when Cruise dropped out. Once Jolie expressed interest, the film's writers reworked the lead character — a CIA officer falsely accused of spying for the Russians — to be female. The film's name will also be changed with the switcheroo.

"I'm working on a film called Salt," Jolie said when asked about her next project during an interview on BBC Radio. "It's with [Bone Collector director] Phillip Noyce. And that's it."

This project may be Jolie's last for a while, as the actress said last week that she plans to "fade away" from acting in the years ahead.

Are you excited to see Jolie in the role or would you have preferred Tom?