Jessica Stroup, Homecoming

Set in the outskirts of a frigid Pittsburgh, the new big-screen thriller Homecoming finds Matt Long (Jack & Bobby) playing Michael, a former high school football hero returning to town with his college girlfriend Elizabeth (90210's Jessica Stroup) in tow. Thing is, local gal Shelby (The O.C. alumna Mischa Barton) fancies herself still attached to Mike — and she is by no means ready to let go, even if it means making like Kathy Bates to cut the competition off at the knees — somewhat figuratively. Stroup shared a look at the making of the frightful film, as well as gave a peek at what's ahead for 90210's Silver. Did you know what you were getting into with this film, or not until you got 20 or so pages into the script?
Jessica Stroup: For sure I did. I had seen Misery with Kathy Bates, and this is kind of an updated version of that. I've done some horror movies in the past [including Prom Night and The Hills Have Eyes II], but this is different. It's more of a psychological thriller. 

News: Mischa Barton skips movie premiere because of medical issue There's a particularly creepy moment when Shelby tells Elizabeth, "I'm only trying to help you" — and we're worried she actually believes that.
Stroup: It's so interesting to me to play "crazy." There's such a fine line between playing it and really believing that your character thinks nothing is wrong and that they're in the right, that everything they're doing is for the betterment of whatever. I kind of got to play with that on 90210 this past year, and that's what Mischa did in Homecoming What was the most grueling part of this shoot?
Stroup: It may not look like the most physically exhausting role for me, but all I was doing the whole time was crawling on the floor, pulling myself up from the ground... But the cold was the worst part. It was just killer. We shot this in Pittsburgh, in December! What's the most obsessive behavior you have ever exhibited in the name of love?
Stroup: Oh, I'm a hopeless romantic. I don't get obsessive, but when I'm in it I'm totally in it, and there's a lot of passion because I'm a Scorpio. I like to leave notes, the kind where if someone were to find one, they'd be like, "OK, he's taken." And I always write on my boyfriends — words like "MINE!" Very subtle. Turning to 90210, what will be the status of the Silver-Dixon-Ethan triangle minus Ethan? [Dustin Milligan will not be back for Season 2.]
Stroup: There's a lot to clear up, and in the first episode you're going to see that things have changed and Ethan is no longer a possible candidate for Silver's interest. But he does still have a vital role in that first episode, even if he's just being spoken about. We left off with a big cliff-hanger, where Dixon didn't know if he wanted to be with Silver, and when we pick back up, it's the end of summer break and a lot has happened. Will I kiss Dixon again? Yes, for sure. Will I kiss another boy at another point down the line? Most likely so!