Bob Denver

Hollywood is gearing up for another three-hour tour: A film adaptation of Gilligan's Island in the works, Variety reports.

Gilligan's Island followed the misadventures of seven people stranded on a desert island. The memorable castaways included Gilligan, the skipper, a girl-next-door, a professor, a movie star and an affluent couple. Bob Denver filled the title role of the dimwitted crewman.

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Gilligan's Island ran on CBS from 1964 to '67 before becoming a pop-culture staple in syndication. The comedy was created by Sherwood Schwartz (The Brady Bunch), who will executive-produce the film with son Lloyd Schwartz.

Former Arrested Development and My Name is Earl scribe Brad Copeland will write the screenplay.

Are you excited to see Gilligan's Island hit the big screen? Who would be right for the cast?