Daybreakers - Willem Dafoe

Daybreakers, opening Friday, presents a future world where vampires outnumber humans. Of course, if you've turned on the TV or walked into a bookstore lately, you may already feel like you live in that world.

From the Twilight books and movies to the Vampire Diaries, and True Blood to the new Daybreakers, vampires are everywhere. The film's producer has a few ideas about why.

"They're strange, mysterious, sexy, dark, violent, cold creatures that you can never quite control or get a handle on," said producer Chris Brown (and no, not that Chris Brown). He also credits the success of the genre to the idea that vampire films offer "intelligent horror."

The film offers a new twist on the nocturnal creatures: Instead of hiding from humans, they're the majority. The few remaining humans try desperately to avoid them. (Which, as we realize every time we switch channels, is totally impossible.)  

Writer and director duo Michael and Peter Spierig said they were "trying to do something a little different and it seems like that's what would ultimately happen if the vampires multiply. ... I think it's got lots of parallels to what's going on today in the world."

Star Willem Dafoe, who plays the leader of a renegade group fighting to protect humans, says he was drawn to the film in part because it had "a mix of comedy."

The film's creative team talked to at the premiere of the film, which was released by Lionsgate, which also owns

What do you think? Are you excited about the new twist on vampire stories?

Check out the trailer for Daybreakers: