Cher and Johnny Knoxville

Well Cher's not Catwoman (yet), but she is a cougar... preying on a Jackass.

The Oscar winner has signed on to star alongside Johnny Knoxville in the upcoming comedy, The Drop-Out, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The flick will revolve around a 35-year-old undergrad (Knoxville) who is finally kicked out of his parents' house (really, they waited until he was 35?). Dying to mooch off of someone else for food, shelter and television, he decides to talk up the woman-of-a-certain-age next door (Cher).

Things get more complicated and weird with the appearance of the woman's 35-year-old son, who's so desperate for a father figure that he starts to look at Knoxville's character as one. The role has yet to be cast.

Script is by Ricky Blitt (The Ringer), who will also direct. John Jacobs will produce.