Brüno needed a new look to secure an R rating stateside, and now it's undergone another one — this time for the kids.

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Sacha Baron Cohen's raucous comedy has been re-edited in England for younger audiences in an effort to boost revenue, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It marks the first time two versions of the same film will be simultaneously released in theaters in England.

The new "15"-rated version is 110 seconds shorter than the original "18"-rated version. Three scenes featuring heavy sexual content were snipped: a montage of exaggerated sex between Brüno and his boyfriend; Brüno pretending to have oral sex with someone he contacts through a medium; and sex among couples at a swingers' party.

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Universal made the change after learning that British theaters "have reported turning away large numbers of under 18s keen to see the new film."

The tamer version was submitted to the British Board of Film Classification on Monday. Brüno opens July 24 in England.