28 Weeks Later

2007, Movie, R, 99 mins


DVD Tuesday: The Crazies, Post-Vietnam Cynicism & Homeland Security

The Crazies courtesy Blue Underground

The sequel to 28 Days Later 2002 that would be 28 Weeks Later in case you hadnt guessed streets today and its a good follow-up to one of those films that came from out of the blue and reminded horror fans like me that theres still life in the classic monsters All it takes is a directorscreenwriter team like Danny Boyle and Alex Garland to put a fresh spin on the old tropes But my pick of the week is an older and shamefully overlooked movie George Romeros The Crazies 1973 whose influence is all over films as various as a cluster of 80s horror pictures Impulse and MutantNight Shadows both 1984 Warning Sign 1985 the mainstream respectable Outbreak 1995 the video-game inspired Resident Evil series and of course 28 Days Later And frankly The Crazies core concerns are as timely now as they were in the wake of the 1960s counterculture if not more so Following the runaway success of Night of the Living Dead 1968 Romero read more

Box Office: Spidey Slips, But Still Outpacing 1 and 2

Spider-Man 3 topped the weekend box office with "just" $60 million — a second-week drop larger than the usual 50 percent for a hit, but more than expected for a film which shattered records with a $151.1 mil opening. Plus, the new sequel's 10-day tally ($242.1 mil) is still outpacing that of Nos. 1 and 2 ($223 and $225 mil, respectively). I still think these matters should be measured by numbers of tickets sold, but apparently I am an idiot.Rounding out the weekend's top five were 28 Weeks Later (opening with $10 mil), Georgia Rule (debuting with $5.9 mil, about enough to cover La Lohan's late days), Disturbia ($4.8 mil) and Delta Farce ($3.5 mil). read more

28 Weeks Later: Lost's Michael Resurfaces!

Harold Perrineau, 28 Weeks Later

Ravenous, twitchy and bloodthirsty zombies versus faux-grungy rag-doll draggers? Sure enough, the Others have nothing on the "infected" folk who first wreaked havoc in 2002's 28 Days Later and are now hungry to decimate humanity even further in 28 Weeks Later. Picking up (you guessed it) several months after the first film, the sequel primarily tails two stalwart kids as the sins of the father... well, you know how the saying goes. Playing an integral role in the U.S. army's bid to nip this new outbreak in the bud is Harold Perrineau, best know to TV fans for his stints on Oz and then Lost. Perrineau rang us earlier this week to d read more

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